Friday, October 17, 2014

Act of God!

Once upon a time Shri Krishna and Arjun saw a poor brahmin begging when they went for a stroll. Arjun had pity on him and he gave a small bag full of gold coins to him. Receiving it the brahmin  started for his house happily but a robber snatched the bag from him on the way. The anguished brahmin again started begging. The next day Arjun again saw the brahmin and asked him the reason for begging again. On hearing the painful happening with the brahmin, once again he had pity on him and this time he gave him gemstone ruby.
The brahmin took it and reached his home and he hid the same in pot because of fear of its being stolen. He slept soundly as he was very tired. While he was sleeping , his wife took the pot and went to the river to fetch water in it. When she dipped the pot into the river the ruby also floated away with the flow of water. When the brahmin came to know about it, cursing his luck he again started begging. When Arjun and Shri Krishna saw him in this poor condition again, They went to him  to know what all had happened to him again. At this Arjun felt disappointed and thought prosperity can never come in the life of this. unfortunate brahmin . Lord Krishna smiled and said "Now, look how his fortune will change!". Lord krishna  gave him two paise . At this Arjun  asked him " oh lord when the gold coins and ruby could not help him to get rid of his poverty. Then how would these two paisa help him ".   Hearing this god smiled and asked Arjun to follow the brahmin. On the way the brahmin thought while walking that he could not get the food even for a single person with this 2 paise and why the god had given him such a small amount in charity.
While he was thinking so he saw a fisherman with the fish struggling for its life in the net. Brahmin had pity on it. And he thought that these two paise will not satisfy his hunger. Then he bought that fish from the fisherman to save its life and put it into his kamandal. When the fish felt uneasy in it then ruby came out of its mouth. The brahmin shrieked with happiness saying "I have got it. Ihave got it.!!"
At that time luckily the robber who had robbed him of the gold coins was passing through the same path and  heard the words of  brahmin and  thought that brahmin had recoginized him  He started begging pardon of the brahmin out of fear and returned him all the gold coins.In this war the brahmin manage to get back all his gold coins and ruby. Observing this Arjun bowed before god and understood the secret message of the act of God!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

God is everwhere

Once a  man had the strong desire to have glimpse of God. He heard to the celestial announcement of God at night that "I am here and i shall come to you". The man got up in the morning & sat near the door & kept waiting for a long time, at that moment a poor man appeared before him & asked for something to eat but he didnt left that place giving the plea that he was waiting for God. After some time a blind man approached him & asked him for help to cross the road but again he gave the plea that he was waiting for God. After some time a thirsty man came & asked for water but he did not move from his place saying that he was waiting for God. In this way the whole day passed and God did'nt appear before him.At night he again heard celestial announcement that " I came to your place thrice, once I asked for water, the other time for food and in the  last to help me cross the road but you couldn't recognize me". God resides in every heart so we can feel his presence in all his creations by helping them in the hour of need.