Saturday, July 5, 2014

The food power

Everyday, one holy person used to visit the king to teach him the vedic texts .Despite the anxious pressurizing work of the state, he used to enjoy at par. But one day when the sage came to meet the king he saw that the king was worried. On asking he answered that last night he saw a nightmare of killing his own mother. This was the reason for his disturbance as loved his mother very much. After giving a wholesome thought, the sage inquired that by whom the food was prepared for the king,the previous day.The king called upon the chef and asked the same. The chef nervously answered that as he was unwell,therefore,the food was prepared by a new cook, the day before. After due inquires it was found that the new cook was appointed recently, whom had served as a prisoner for the killing of his mother.The sage able to crack the mystery of the nightmare  experienced by the king. Immediately, he exclaimed the king that  the thoughts of that cook who was a criminal had altered the inherited power of food. He directed the king that polluted valued food always leads to bad thoughts. This was the reason that our sages directed that one should keep on reciting holy mantras at the time of cooking.The quality of food is reflection of thoughts of cook