Friday, October 17, 2014

Act of God!

Once upon a time Shri Krishna and Arjun saw a poor brahmin begging when they went for a stroll. Arjun had pity on him and he gave a small bag full of gold coins to him. Receiving it the brahmin  started for his house happily but a robber snatched the bag from him on the way. The anguished brahmin again started begging. The next day Arjun again saw the brahmin and asked him the reason for begging again. On hearing the painful happening with the brahmin, once again he had pity on him and this time he gave him gemstone ruby.
The brahmin took it and reached his home and he hid the same in pot because of fear of its being stolen. He slept soundly as he was very tired. While he was sleeping , his wife took the pot and went to the river to fetch water in it. When she dipped the pot into the river the ruby also floated away with the flow of water. When the brahmin came to know about it, cursing his luck he again started begging. When Arjun and Shri Krishna saw him in this poor condition again, They went to him  to know what all had happened to him again. At this Arjun felt disappointed and thought prosperity can never come in the life of this. unfortunate brahmin . Lord Krishna smiled and said "Now, look how his fortune will change!". Lord krishna  gave him two paise . At this Arjun  asked him " oh lord when the gold coins and ruby could not help him to get rid of his poverty. Then how would these two paisa help him ".   Hearing this god smiled and asked Arjun to follow the brahmin. On the way the brahmin thought while walking that he could not get the food even for a single person with this 2 paise and why the god had given him such a small amount in charity.
While he was thinking so he saw a fisherman with the fish struggling for its life in the net. Brahmin had pity on it. And he thought that these two paise will not satisfy his hunger. Then he bought that fish from the fisherman to save its life and put it into his kamandal. When the fish felt uneasy in it then ruby came out of its mouth. The brahmin shrieked with happiness saying "I have got it. Ihave got it.!!"
At that time luckily the robber who had robbed him of the gold coins was passing through the same path and  heard the words of  brahmin and  thought that brahmin had recoginized him  He started begging pardon of the brahmin out of fear and returned him all the gold coins.In this war the brahmin manage to get back all his gold coins and ruby. Observing this Arjun bowed before god and understood the secret message of the act of God!

Thursday, October 2, 2014

God is everwhere

Once a  man had the strong desire to have glimpse of God. He heard to the celestial announcement of God at night that "I am here and i shall come to you". The man got up in the morning & sat near the door & kept waiting for a long time, at that moment a poor man appeared before him & asked for something to eat but he didnt left that place giving the plea that he was waiting for God. After some time a blind man approached him & asked him for help to cross the road but again he gave the plea that he was waiting for God. After some time a thirsty man came & asked for water but he did not move from his place saying that he was waiting for God. In this way the whole day passed and God did'nt appear before him.At night he again heard celestial announcement that " I came to your place thrice, once I asked for water, the other time for food and in the  last to help me cross the road but you couldn't recognize me". God resides in every heart so we can feel his presence in all his creations by helping them in the hour of need.

Sunday, August 31, 2014

The effect of Maya (illusion)

Once a bear drowned into the river and started floating in it A saint who was standing near the bank of the river thought that a blanket was floating in the river.He swam to catch the blanket and tried to dragged it to the bank of the river . He was shocked to know that it was not the blanket but the bear who was  alive . The bear caught hold of  the saint    so that he could cross the river with his help. They both were trying to catch hold of one another . Sometime the saint was in dominating position and sometime the bear . Another saint who observeing it while standing on the bank of the river. He called him if you could'not grip the blanket then he should leave it. The saint in the river replied that he wanted to get rid of that blanket but he could not find any solution to get rid of it. As it had griped him very tightly.People get addicted to the luxurious things (illusion created by the power, Maya) & they become their slave to this extent that they cannot get rid of them even if they wish too..

Monday, August 18, 2014

True devotee

 एक बार अर्जुन को अहंकार हो गया कि वही भगवान के सबसे बड़े भक्त हैं। उनकी इस भावना को श्रीकृष्ण ने समझ लिया। एक दिन वह अर्जुन के साथ भ्रमण पर निकले । रास्ते में उनकी मुलाकात एक गरीब ब्राह्मण
से हुई। उसका व्यवहार थोड़ा विचित्र था। वह  रुखा सुखा भोजन  खा रहा था और उसकी कमर से तलवार लटक रही थी। अर्जुन ने उससे पूछा, ‘आप तो अहिंसा के पुजारी हैं। लेकिन फिर हिंसा का यह उपकरण तलवार क्यों आपके साथ है?’ ब्राह्मण ने जवाब दिया, ‘मैं कुछ लोगों को दंडित करना चाहता हूं।’‘ आपके शत्रु कौन हैं?’ अर्जुन ने जिज्ञासा जाहिर की। ब्राह्मण ने कहा, ‘मैं चार लोगों को खोज रहा हूं,ताकि उनसे अपना हिसाब चुकता कर सकूं। सबसे पहले तो मुझे नारद की तलाश है। नारद मेरे प्रभु को आराम नहीं करने देते,सदा भजन-कीर्तन कर उन्हें जागृत रखते हैं। फिर मैं द्रौपदी पर भी बहुतक्रोधित हूं। उसने मेरे प्रभु को ठीक उसी समय पुकारा, जब वह भोजन करने बैठे थे। उन्हें तत्काल खाना छोड़ पांडवों को दुर्वासा ऋषि के श्राप सेबचाने जाना पड़ा।‘आपका तीसरा शत्रु कौन है?’अर्जुन ने पूछा।‘ वह है हृदयहीन प्रह्लाद। उसनिर्दयी ने मेरे प्रभु को गरम तेल के कड़ाहे में प्रविष्ट कराया, हाथी के पैरों तले कुचलवाया और अंत में खंभे से प्रकट होने के लिए विवश किया।और चौथा शत्रु है अर्जुन। उसकी दुष्टता देखिए। उसने मेरेभगवान को अपना सारथी बना डाला।उसे भगवान की असुविधा का तनिक भी ध्यान नहीं रहा। कितना कष्टहुआ होगा मेरे प्रभु को।’ यह कहते ही ब्राह्मण की आंखों में आंसू आ गए। यह देख अर्जुन का घमंड चूर-चूर हो गया। उसने श्रीकृष्ण से क्षमा मांगते हुए कहा, ‘मान
गया प्रभु, इस संसार में न जाने आपके कितने तरह के भक्त हैं। मैं तो कुछ भी नहीं हूं।’


Sunday, August 17, 2014

Value of Gold

The couple Ranka and Banka were staunch devotees of god. They used to go to the forest to fetch wood everyday. One day while Ranka was moving a few steps ahead of Banka, he saw a gold coin lying on the ground. He thought his wife Banka might not become greedy on seeing it, therefore he started covering it with soil. By that time Banka too had reached there when she saw Ranka putting soil on the gold coin, she said to him," you are wasting your time by putting soil on the soil". Now Ranka felt that his wife is more detatched from worldy things than he is. In his viewpoint there was a difference between the soil and  the gold coin which was costlier than soil. But for his wife   both the soil and gold had the same value .

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The King and his 3 ministers

One day a king called his three ministers to his court and ordered each of them to carry a bag to the garden and collect fresh fruits. Three  of them went to the garden separately. The first minister tried to collect the best of the best   fruits of the king's choice. After a lot of efforts, he filled his bag  .The second minister thought that the king would not taste all the fruits at one time, therefore he collected very quickly. Some were and  some were unripen and rest were  rootten .The third minister thought the king would only see that the bag was full and he was not going to check what did it contain so to save his time he filled it with grass and leaves. The second day the king called his three minister's with their bags to his court and he did'not open bags to see what is there in them. And ordered to imprison. three of them for three months.Now, they didn't have any thing else to eat other than those bags.The minister who had collected fresh fruits   enjoyed eating them and three months passed away.The second minister who had collected the mixer of fresh, unripen, and rotten fruits., enjoyed fresh fruits for a few days and then he had eaten rotten fruits because of it he fell sick and had to face a great trouble. And third minister who had grass & leaves in his bag he died of hunger after a few days.Now, the question to be asked is what are you collecting ? This life is like a garden where you can perform good deeds or the bad one's , but remember whatever you save will help you in the time to come because god is watching you........

Saturday, July 5, 2014

The food power

Everyday, one holy person used to visit the king to teach him the vedic texts .Despite the anxious pressurizing work of the state, he used to enjoy at par. But one day when the sage came to meet the king he saw that the king was worried. On asking he answered that last night he saw a nightmare of killing his own mother. This was the reason for his disturbance as loved his mother very much. After giving a wholesome thought, the sage inquired that by whom the food was prepared for the king,the previous day.The king called upon the chef and asked the same. The chef nervously answered that as he was unwell,therefore,the food was prepared by a new cook, the day before. After due inquires it was found that the new cook was appointed recently, whom had served as a prisoner for the killing of his mother.The sage able to crack the mystery of the nightmare  experienced by the king. Immediately, he exclaimed the king that  the thoughts of that cook who was a criminal had altered the inherited power of food. He directed the king that polluted valued food always leads to bad thoughts. This was the reason that our sages directed that one should keep on reciting holy mantras at the time of cooking.The quality of food is reflection of thoughts of cook

Sunday, March 16, 2014

Job and Astrology

These days millions of dollars are spend on recruitment in an organization. The relation between employer and employee is very crucial for the success of an organization. In the same way for an employee it is the job-satisfaction that is important. From astrological point of view the day on which recruitment is taking place is very important for both employer and employee.

From Employers Point of View- Check the nakshatra of the day on which he want to recruit an employee. Now count from his Janam Nakshatra till todays Nakshatra. (Note Abhijit Nakshatra has to be included in the counting.). If the result comes out to be 1,2,3,4,5,6,7,15,16,17,18,19,20,21 then it would be auspicious recruitment.

Example Suppose todays nakshatra is Pushya and the employer’s nakshatra is Ashwini. Now count from Ashwini till Pushya it comes to be 8. So it won’t be beneficial to recruit an employee.

From Employees point of view- Suppose on the day of filling an application is Punarvasu nakshatra and the janam Nakshatra of the candidate is Kritika. Now count from the Kritika till Punarvasu we get 5. So it would be auspicious to file an application on this day.

This is very helpful method for determining the best day for filling application for new job or recruiting new employee.


As per classics there are 8 kinds of marriages
1)Brahma Vivah – In ancient times when boy completes its studies,his parents select the eligible girl for him. Only the kanya daan ceremony was performed at that time.
2)Daiva Vivah - A bride when married to a Groom in return for a service or favour done by him regardless of the bride’s consent, its termed as “Daiva Vivaha”.
3)Arsha Vivah – In this type, the girl marries with a sage.
4)Prajapatya Vivah – Father of a girl searches for a suitable groom.
5)Gandharva Vivah – It is similar to love marriage.
6)Asura Vivah – In this type of marriage,unsuitable boy approaches the parents of girl with considerable wealth in exchange of bride.
7)Rakshasa Vivah – A kind of forceful marriage in which groom fights battle with bride’s family.
8)Paishacha Vivah – Marriage against the wishes of girl.
Our classics accepts only first 4 types of marriage

Saturday, February 22, 2014

Sri Suktam- Key to treasure

In Hindu mythology, it is goddess Lakshmi who is the deity of wealth and prosperity. This wealth includes material as well as spiritual happiness . She is not important to humans as well as for gods also. This is evident from the mythological story in which due to curse of sage Durvaasa to Indra , goddess Lakshmi abandoned the swarga loka. This created havoc. Only after great efforts of gods she re-appear as a daughter of Sagar. Similarly, in astrology Venus is considered as natural significator of luxuries. So, Friday, which is ruled by Venus is auspicious day to worship goddess Lakshmi. In our classics there is a mention of set of shlokas in Sanskrit to worship goddess Lakshmi. This is called “Shri-Suktam”. The word “Shri” itself is an indicator auspiciousness and royalty. If one recite this mantras on Friday, then it is believe that goddess Lakshmi showers her blessings to the person. There are many variations of this mantra is available in the market. But the set of 16 mantra is more authentic. For the people whose 5th lord in their horoscope is Venus, this mantra would work as a tonic for the whole life. If a mantra is done under the influence of auspicious muhurat , then its effect multiplies by many folds. On, Diwali night, this mantra is highly recommended . It is very important that the mantra should be pronounced correctly. Even more important is the state of mind at the time of recitation. The role of “Kaal(time)” and “sthaan(place)” is the deciding factor for the outcome of mantra-saadhna.

Pitra Dev

It is often seen in the horoscope that there is a yoga of “Pitra-dosham” which is considered very deadly for the children.It is a clear indication of curse of ancestors. Also, the blessings of our ancestors are very important for the success in life. As per hindu calendar, the Krishna paksh (fortnight) of Ashwin month is very important for remembering our ancesters. During this period rituals performed for the pacification of departed souls is called as “Shradh”. After the death soul travels various planes(levels). It suffers accoding to the its deed performed on the earth. Shradh ceremony is performed to provide the solace to the soul. The last day of shradh is considered as the most important one . It is held on amavasya tithi. The pitras are believed to be the ruler of this tithi(date). Similarly offering water to souls is called “Tarpan” ceremony. As per rule the eldest son of the deceased should perform this ceremony. Otherwise spouse or brother or son-in-law are qualified to perform it. The shradh or tarpan performed on teerath is considered as best. The easiest way is to donate the food liked by the ancestors. It should be donated to Brahmin, crow and cow.Sesame seeds mixed with water is considered very sacred in the offerings. All the auspicious works are prohibited during this period. There are 6 kinds of tarpan
1) Devtarpan
2) Rishitarpan
3) Divyamanavtarpan
4) Divyapitratarpan
5) Yamtarpan
6) Manushyapitratarpan
Mantra to be recited at the time of tarpan is-
Om ye bandhava abandhva va yenya janmani bandhva |
Te sarve triptimayantu maddattenambuna swadha ||
This simple remedy is very important to ward off many hidden evils in horoscope.

The true devotion

The 13th tithi (date) of the Shukla paksha of Jyeshtha month of hindu lunar calendar is very important for a married woman. From this day till poornima(Full moon day), fast is observed for the longevity of husband. The name of the fast is “Vat-Savitri vrat”. The word “Vat” means banyan tree in hindi which is considered very auspicious and “Savitri” was a woman with whom the legend is associated. During the fast there is a ritual of tying thread around banyan tree. It is believe that the banyan tree is symbolic representation of Lord Brahma,Vishnu and Mahesh. The lower part of root is abode of lord Brahma, the stem of tree is abode of Lord Vishnu and the upper part of banyan tree is representation of lord Shiva, all making the tree a sacred one. As per legend , there was a princess Savitri who wanted to marry Satyavan. But sage Narad was against this marriage because as per destiny the Satyavan had only one year of remaining life. But Savitri ignored the warning and married to Satyavan as she truly loved him. After completion of one year, when Satyavan was resting under the banyan tree, Lord Yama, the god of death appeared to take the soul of Satyavan to heaven. At that moment Savitri begged for the life of her husband from the Yama. But all went in vain. But she was determined to follow lord Yama till the end. The way to Yamlok,the abode of lord Yama was too difficult and full of miseries. Lord Yama was impressed by her determination. He granted her 3 boons, except the life of her husband. This was the testing time for Savitri. First she asked for the vision of the blind father in law. Secondly she begged for the lost empire of his family. Lastly she begged for a son. The last wish of Savitri put Lord Yama in great dilemma because it could not be fulfilled without Satyavan. Lord Yama accepted the defeat from the hands a woman who was so dedicated to her husband. He granted all the three boons . It is believed that Satyavan spend his dying moments under a Banyan tree on the full moon day in month of Jyeshtha. During this day parikrama of banyan tree for 108 times tying thread is considered very auspicious for the longevity of husband.

A girl or a boy!

As per hinduism there are 16 series of sanskaar(rituals) has to be performed from the birth till death. They are
16)Antim sanskaar

The first 3 sanskaar are pre-natal sanskaar which are vital for the good health of child..The life begins from the first step of conception. The “Garbhadhaan” sanskaar involving some religious mantras and muhurat ensures the birth of a healthy and virtuous child. It removes all the impurities linked with conception. Child is not only produced from the physical body of parents. This is the reason that in our shaastra there are certain days and auspicious timing of union which ensures birth of a virtuous son. It is scientifically proved that the thoughts prevailing in the minds of mother and father at the time of conception has a huge impact on the child. The lagna,the zodiac sign rising in the east direction at the time of conception gives complete information about the gender and health of child. It is clearly written in our sacred texts, how to calculate the muhurat for the birth of a child of a desired gender.For example, to get the female child ,in muhurat proper taken is care that the Venus or Moon (both female planets) should aspect the lagna. The second sanskaar called “Punsavan” sanskaar is very important for getting a male child and to prevent the abortion and to overcome any defect in feotus.. Generally it is performed in male nakshatras and in masculine days of Sunday,Tuesday or Thursday(condition apply). The 3rd pre-natal sanskaar is “Seemant” sanskaar. The purpose of this ritual is to protect mother from evil forces. A detail calculations are required to select the best muhurat for each ceremony. Some times these calculations are too complex than calculations required to launch a satellite!

Sharad Poornima

The full moon day of Ashwin maas(month) is celebrated as Sharad Poornima. This indicates the onset of Sharad ritu(season).It occur fortnight before diwali.This is the transiting period of summer to winter. Still it is believe that Lord Krishna perform Raas(a kind of dance) with Radha on the night of sharad poornima maiking it auspicious. On this night the moon acquire the special powers called shodash the light emitting from the moon is equivalent to nectar. In astrology , the moon is considered as lord of herbs. This is the reason the moon light on this day has curative properties.It is a ritual to prepare kheer(a dish prepared from milk and rice) and kept under the moonlight. On the next day it is distributed as a prasadam. As per Legend it is believe that on the night of Sharad Poornima goddess Lakshmi wanders on the earth to bless the devotee who awake and perform the pooja. Reciting Shrisukatam on this night is considered highly auspicious to acquire wealth.

The Balalncing Act

“Well begun is half done”.As per rules of astrology, the time of the start of any new or important work is very important.But, the selection of auspicious time is not very easy for an astrologer.He has to combat many factors. Interestingly, these factors are highly conflicting.The real skills of an astrologer depends upon how he balances these factors.The factors which has to be taken into account are

1)Tithi(the lunar date)








I have often seen many astrologers put too much importance to first 3 factors. But in reality, the last 3 factors hold the maximum points. If the last 3 factors are positive ,then the negativity of the first 3 or 4 factors can be ignored. The points to above factors should be given as follows

1) Tithi-1 points

2)Nakshatra-4 points

3)Vaar(weekday)-8 points

4)Karan-16 points

5)Yoga-32 points

6)Tara-64 points

7)Moon-100 points

8)Lagna-1000 points