Monday, November 11, 2013


There is a mention of the word “deep daan” in hindu classics. Literally it means lighting of lamp in front of deity. Specially in the month of Kaartik it is very important to light a lamp.It is considered as a powerful remedy for pacification of a planet in astrology. Also it is a tradition in Hindu’s regarding lighting a lamp before deity. It is considered very auspicious to light a lamp at the time of sandhya(twilight). During the days of special pooja a lamp is maintained continuously for certain number of days known as “Akhand jyoti” meaning unbroken light. Light is considered as a symbol of auspiciousness, prosperity and abundance in the Hinduism. Even in Feng-shui the use of light is considered very important to harness the positive effects of nature. Where as the darkness represent ignorance and inauspiciousness. Also the darkness is abode of ghosts and spirits. The wick in the oil lamp is a symbol of ego and the oil represents negative feelings. It is believe that unless ego,desires and negative feelings remove,the soul can not get rid off the bondage of rebirth. This burning of lamp is a symbolic representation of getting rid of desires and ego. The flame of a lamp always burns upwards. Similarly we should acquire such knowledge as to take us towards higher planes. So, next time friends, never miss an opportunity to light a lamp in front of your ishta devta to ward off the evils generated due to paap-karmas of past birth.

Yeh waada raha!!!

Marriage is a union of two souls. A girl who spent memorable days with her parents has to make the biggest sacrifice of her life for her husband. After the marriage her “gotra” also changes. Before the commencement of “Saptapadi” ceremony bridegroom has to make the 10 promises to make sure the parents of girl that after the marriage their most precious gift of god would be in safe hands. Bridegroom makes the following 10 promises before the ceremony.
1)look after her like himself
2)Always consult her before making any decision
3)He will never show unhappiness on her failure to perform duties
4)will have full faith in spouse
5)To give all affection and love
6)To bring all income to home
7)Never criticize her in public
8)Follow courteous attitude towards her
9)To fulfill all responsibilities towards her even in extreme conditions
10)To respect her parents.
So, instead of celebrating marriage ceremony, husband should refresh his promises made by him in front of Agni.The more he remembers his promises, the more godeess "Mahalaxmi" resides at his place.