Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Shubh Snaan

In our classics various remedies are recommended to pacify the ill effect of planet. Bathing in medicinal water is one amongst them. It is said that such remedy removes all the obstacle caused by unfavourble transit of planets. Last but not least it should be performed in an auspicious muhurat, only then this remedy gives it full positive effect. So, when the following planets are bad in transit, then bath as follows
Sun- Bad effect of malefic transiting sun could be removed if one bath with illaichi,honey,khas-khas,kesar,lotus,Roli, cinnamon,black pepper, dry ginger,cardamom
Moon-bath with lotus,conch,shell,Belpatra,Sphatic,Panchgavya
Mars-Red flower,leaves of china rose,,Naag kesar,turmeric
Mercury- honey,nag kesar,panchgavya,mint,bhringra
Jupiter-honey,seeds of yellow mustard,flowers of malti,juhi,chameli,ketki,ashwagandha,,almonds,walnut,cashews
Venus-saffron,white lotus,rose,jasmine
Saturn-Kala til,Saunph,shilajit,triphala,ashwagandha
Rahu-Doorva,Bilav patra,camphor
Ketu-Annar,Red sandal

Fears and phobias

The word “phobia” has a long list of its variations. In medical science there is no any specific cause is explain. But a careful examine of a chart yield sufficient information about the cause of psychological trouble. The whole analysis revolves around 3 key
They are the significator of mind, nervous system and wisdom respectively. Any sort of afflictions by malefics cause psychological problem to a native. The nature of problem varies with the natural significance of planet which is being afflicted as well as the planet which causes affliction. In astrology there are many causes which yield to one result. To support the above analysis one has to take into account of other factors also. Here Lagna and 5th house plays very important role.Lagna is a representative of head where as 5th house shows mental inclination.Also Aries sign which represent “Head” in kaalpurush kundli, if afflicted by malefics then it also act as a supporting factor. Classics mention some of combinations of psychological disorders as follows-
kemdruma Yoga- It is formed when there is no planet in 2nd & 12th house from moon
Jupiter in lagna and Mars in 7th house or vice versa
Saturn in lagna and mars in trines or in 7th house from it
Rahu and moon in lagna and malefics in trines
Saturn and weak moon conjunct in 12th house.
Moon in 8th aspected by malefics
Saturn in lagna,sun in 12th with moon/mars in trines
Dual aspect of mars and Saturn on moon with moon occupying navamsha of malefic
Antardasha of enimical planet
Last but not least, role of upgrah of shani, Mandi should not be ignored.Wherever it sits in horoscope as well as whichever planet with it conjuncts , it causes disastrous results.