Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Vivah kundli

The time at which marriage is actually performed has a special meaning. Now a days people rarely pay importance to the time at which marriage ceremony starts. This ignorance can prove costly.According to sages, the lagna at the time of marriage gives sufficient hint about the happenings in post married life. For a female native, in chart of muhurat, following planets represent the relatives respectively-
1)sun-father in law
2)venus-mother in law
3)7th lord-husband
4) lagna- health
5) Moon-mind/psychology
and for a male native the representations changes a little bit as follows
1)Moon – Wife
4)Jupiter- sons
6) Saturn-domestic comforts
In a muhurat kundli when a particular planet is weak,then the significations of that planet looses.For example if in muhurat chart Moon is deblitated,then the female will deprive of the happiness from the mother-in-law.Apart from that one has to make sure that 7th house of muhurat kundli contains no planet.Other wise a dosha called “Jamitra Dosham “ will be created if the following planets are found in the 7th house. The corresponding result is given below-
1)moon- trouble
3)mars-failure of marriage
4)mercury-indifference in opinion
5)Jupiter-brings disgrace
6)venus-bad conduct
7)Saturn-adverse effect to children
9)ketu- lunatic
So, to ward off the evil effect on should perform marriage in a muhurat as selected by qualified astrologer

Gemstone in which hand?

Gems remains the area of fascination for every people. Now a days it is use as remedial measure by astrologers as well as palmists. But before wearing a gem one should follow certain procedure to charge them. Then comes the real question,in which hand it should wear? There is lot of confusion about this. The following views are prevelant in the society.
View 1- Males should wear on the right hand and females should wear on left hand. The logic is simple. The right hand portion of the human body is rule by masculine energy where as left hand is rule by feminine energy.
View 2- Right handed person should wear on the right hand and vice versa. The logic is that the active hand is linked directly with the conscious mind.
View 3- The gem of planet belonging to male group should be worn on right hand, where as gem of planet belonging to female group should be worn on left hand.
View 4-Lagna to the sixth house are the right side of a male native and the other six signs remaining starting from the 7th house to the 12th house is the left side of the male native. Reverse is in the case of a female native.
View 5- All odd signs are masculine and even signs are feminine.Wear the gem according to nature of sign where it is placed.
View 6- Wearing gem on the basis of Raashi. But this theory is fail because Even for jatakas for the same raashi the role of each planet is different for different native which in turn depends upon the lagna chart.
Every view has its own merits and demerits. So next time when you wear a gem, make sure that it should be wore in correct hand.Otherwise you may land yourself in big trouble.

Bell in Hinduism

It is customary for the follower of Hindu religion to ring a bell in the temple. Symbolically it is done to invoke the divinity. The ringing of the bell produces what is regarded as an auspicious sound. It produces the sound Om, the universal name of the Lord. The “Om” itself means welcome to God. This sound is so auspicious that it trigger the positive thought process for that moment. In any remedy it is the feeling of the doer which holds the key position. In Hinduism at the time of birth it is the sound of “Om” which is made to echo in the ears of the new born. Ringing of bell blocks outside disturbances and sounds to enter the arena making it full of saatwik(pure) energies. The sound of bell includes all music. If devotee don’t have any instrument, then ringing a bell is sufficient. It is a respect to God and telling him that we are there to pray him and asking him to listen our pray. Some classics even states that one who rings the bell with a symbol of Garuda or the Lord's chakra on it attains liberation from birth and death.Next time when you visit a temple,never hesitate to ring a bell!!

Vrat-Ek Sankalp

In Hinduism, the devotees observe fast frequently. Literal meaning of Fasting in Sanskrit is “upavaasa”. This word is a combination of “upa” and “vaasa”.The word “Upa” means "near" and the word “vaasa” means "to stay". Thus Upavaasa signify staying near the God. During fasting people do not eat at all or eat saatwik food. In kaliyuga people indulge in eating “Taamsik” food. The kind of food which we eat has a direct effect on our thought process. Even in yoga it is believe that the body is like a machine which needs overhauling at regular interval. The more one indulge the senses, the more they make their demands. Fasting helps us to control over our senses. If the fasting is done without any motive then it could make a person weak or can create a desire to indulge later. Discipline is required in every sphere of life. Vrat is a special undertaking, keeping some goal in mind, and making a resolution about it. For example scattered rays of sun can not burn a paper, whereas if they are concentrated then they are very powerful. From astrological point of view the vrat for the malefic planet should be done. for example for a person of Pisces ascendant, he should avoid the vrat of Monday. Similarly for a person of virgo ascendant , it is advisable to keep fast on Tuesday during the dasha of Mangal.So next time, do not keep the fast blindly

Mangal Dosham-Kitna Sahi aur Kitna Galat

In my previous article I have mentioned the conditions under which a person qualifies for a manglik dosha.The word “Dosha” has many meaning. In liberal sense it means disqualification. The significations of mars such as violence,anger,fire,death etc are narrated in the books with a lot of hype.Our sages laid various qualifications for marriage for both boy and girl.All the rules written in our classics are according to ancient period. They have to be interpreted carefully in this e-age. In ancient times there were many strict rules for girls. If in a girl’s horoscope one found Martian influence, it was considered bad as it lead to courage and fighting spirit. The time when classics were written there was likely chances of wars for kings and his army. So, the chances of death and injury was high.But in this age there are very few takers for the jobs of defence and the possibility of frequent wars is remote. Now the question is how a mars can affect relationship. Since it is planet of fire and anger so it can cause drift and tension. Its effect can be observed as well as averted as follows
a)These days the nature of jobs is such that people travel around the world frequently with great ease. So, husband and wife meet for very less time. Though this scenario was considered bad on old days but it is very acceptable these days.
b)With the introduction of new kinds of jobs people work at night rather than day.So there is hardly any space left for Dharma.
c)Girls are working and not the home makers only.So there is hardly anytime for fighting
d) The communications are done through emails and SMSes, a kind of drift
e) Due to social networking sites, the concept of multi-relations got a new dimension
f) Due to various professional commitments, people donot want progeny at the young age.So, space for discharge of “Pitra Rina” shrink automatically.
g) Increase in singular family instead of joint family system is very common.It is another variation of mangal dosham
The above variations are very acceptable these days. Overstressing on manga dosham should be avoided.Now come to the exceptions for Mangal Dosham.As every rule has a exception.I am presenting various rules of exception prevelant in the society.
1)In 8th house the dosha is full, in lagna 1/2, in 7th 1/4, in 4th 1/8 and in 12th and 2nd houses 1/16.
2)No dosha if mars is in its its own house or exaltation house.
3) No dosha if aspected by a benefic.
4)Mars in moveable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) cancels the dosha.
5)If the lord of the house where Mars is situated is in Kendra (i.e. 1st, 4th or 10th house) from Lagna the dosha gets cancelled.
6)If Mars posited in above houses is debilitated, retrograde or combust; loses his strength to form a Kuja Dosha.
7).Some classics states that Mars in Cancer or Capricorn removes Manglik Dosha.
8). For Cancer & Leo Lagnas, the Mars is not evil
9)Mars is in its own sign (Aries, Scorpio) ,
10) Mars is in the house of friends (Sun, Jupiter, Moon).
11) If Mars is in the 2nd house, but in the signs of Gemini or Virgo.
12) No Dosha when Mars is in 4th house, and the signs are Aries and Scorpio.
13)If Mars is in the 7th house, but in Cancer or Capricorn.
14) If Mars is in the 8th house, but in Sagittarius or Pisces.
15) If Mars is in the 12th house, but in Taurus or Libra.
16) For Aquarius ascendant, if Mars is in the 4th or 8th house.
17) If benefic Jupiter or Venus occupies the ascendant.
18) If Mars is in conjunction or aspected by Jupiter or Moon.
Caution-However, Mangal dosham is not something, which can be totally ignored. As in certain conditions it is highly harmful.So overall analysis of chart is very important rather that people making self decision on the basis of software available in the market.

Omen- I

”Shakun-Shaastra” is a study of omen. Palpitating or trembling of organs has a special place in the consideration of omens. As a general rule fluttering of right side organs of the male and left side organs of female is considered as good omen. Also trembling indicates auspicious results except back of the body and leg pits. Following are the results of trembling of body parts.

Head-Gain of Land and happiness in journey.
Center of eyebrows-Love and affection
EyeLid-(Right) happiness & ( left eyelid) suffering
Below the right eye- honor.
Beneath the left eye -unnecessary expenses.
Cheecks-welfare to wife
Nose- Gain of fragnant goods
Mouth - auspicious
Tongue - quarrels
Lips –meeting with desired person
Shoulders -dispute
Foot-Good(Right), journey(Left)
Knee-treaty with enemy
Thumb-good news(Right) ,loss(Left).

Dwipushkar and Tripushkar Yoga in Astrology

The yoga means “to add”. On taking account of Tithi, Vaar & Nakshatra we can have 2 yogas namely Dwipushkar Yoga and tri Pushkar Yoga. As the name signifies in Dwipushkar if event performs then it repeat again for the second time. Similarly in tripushkar Yoga the event repeat again twice. Hence good events should happen in this yoga such as purchase of property etc. and Other events such as diseases should not happen.
For Dwi-Pushkar Yoga the combinations are
2/7/12 & Sunday/ Tuesday/ Saturday and Dhanistha/Chitra/ Mrgashiras Nakshatra
For Tripushkar Yoga the combinations are
2/7/12 & Sunday/ Tuesday/ Saturday and Krittika/Punarvasu/ Uttaraphagulni/ Vishaka/ Uttarashadha, Uttarabhadrapada
Since in modern society the marriages are performed generally in weekends so it is likely possibility that you may may fell into the trap of above combination easily.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Lucky Place-III


In the folowing table select the category of which a person belongs to by his first alphabet of his hindi name. This is called Varga of person. Look at the Varga Lord


Now from the first alphabet of the name of city or any place find out the caegory which it belongs to. This is called Varga of place. Look at the varga lord.


If both are from the same varga then this is the best because in that case varga lord will be same.If they are opposite as per the diagram then this is the worst. In otherwords every varga is opposite to its 5th varga.Other vargas are neutral

Thumb Rule

Every group is enimical to its 5th group

Lucky Place-II

This is second method to choose lucky place for a native. It is called Kakni Sankhya Vidhi
In the folowing table select the category of which a person belongs to by his first alphabet of his hindi name. This is called Varga Sankhya(also called varga digit) of person.
Now from the first alphabet of the name of city or any place find out the category which it belongs to. This is called Varga Sankhya of place
Now to calculate Kakni Sankhya(also called Kakni digit) of person first multiply the Varga sankhya of native by 2 . Then add the varga sankhya of place. Now divide the answer by 8 and find out the remainder. Please note that if remainder is zero then make it 8. This remainder is called kakni sankhya of person.
Now to calculate Kakni Sankhya of Place first multiply the Varga sankhya of place by 2 . Then add the varga sankhya of person. Now divide the answer by 8 and find out the remainder. Please not that if remainder is zero then make it 8. This remainder is called kakni sankhya of place.
If the Kakni sankhya of place is less than the kakni sankhya of Person then the place is auspicious for a person.If the Kakni sankhya of place is less than the less sankhya of Person then the place is inauspicious for a person.If the Kakni sankhya of place is same than the kakni sankhya of Person then the place is neutral for a person
The Name of a person is Sumit.The place he want to move is Australia.From the table the Varga Sankhya of Sumit is 8.
From the table the Varga Sankhya of Australia is 1.
Kakni Sankhya of Sumit is 8x2+1/8=1(Remainder).
Kakni Sankhya of Australia is 1x2+8/8=2(Remainder)
Now Kakni Sankhya of Australia is more than the Kakni Sankhya of Sumit.
Therefore that country may not be best for him.
Similarly we can do the same excercise with respect to cities of australia like Sydney, Melbourne etc.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Lucky Place-I

At the time of creation of Universe it was the sound which was creates first. Every alphabet carries its own energy. That's why people with similar name posses some common character. Its the synchronization of the names that decide the compatibility. Our Sages developed highly scientific techniques ages ago. This technique is based on synchronization of first alphabet of a person with the first alphabet of name of city.

Step-1 (Selection of the first alphabet of name of a person)One should know its moon sign at birth. Because it decide the first alphabet of name of person. If the name of person is strictly according to its birth sign then refer the following table. Other wise if a person do not know its moon sign then the name by which he is known to the world should be used. Lastly if a person is called by more than one name then the name by which he is woke up should be used.

Example :- If a person do not know it birth sign and his name is Jitender. Then he belongs to category no 10
Step-2 Mark the category of the place for which the compatibility has to be seen.Suppose that person Jitender want to settle in China. Then the first alphabet of country will belong to category 12
Step-3 Count the difference.Now ,Count from category of the person to which he belong till the category of a place.The result will decide the auspiciousness of a particular place for that person. Note that counting has to begin from the category of person and ends at the category of place
Result Interpretation
If the result comes out to be 2,5,9,10 or 11 then it indicates that a place is Auspicious.
If it is 1 or 7 then it indicate fear from enemies. In case it is 4,8 or 12, then it shows health problems. If it is 3 or 6, it shows financial Losses.
In our example the person belongs the native belongs to category 10 and place belongs to category 12. If we begin the counting from 10 till 12 we get the result 3. The interpretation is that China is not good place for Jitender as far as financial growth is concern
Special Note-This technique has to be used when the person has to select a new place or town only. Also if a the result is not auspicious from the first comparison then try to do the same excercise with respect to other areas with in country or in town. Example for Jitender, China may not be suitable but he can select the State with in China whose name begin with letter " G". From the table it can be easily seen that this category is second to the catagory number 10.

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Saat Phere

Now a days it is a fashion in modern society for a person to be late. Same is the case in marriages also. Parents applies tremendous efforts on match making of horoscopes but rarely found interested in the muhurat of marriage, which holds the ultimate key. At the time of marriage , the most important ceremony is “SaptaPadi” which means seven steps. In this ceremony, the bride and groom take seven round around the pavitra agni. Even as per Hindu marriage act it is the saptapadi ceremony which grants legality to a marriage. This ceremony begins from the direction of Dhruv Tara(the Pole Star). Every round starts with the right foot first. In the first 4 rounds the groom leads the bride and in the last 3 rounds bride leads. With each step, groom recites a mantra addressed to bride. The idea behind this is to pray to Lord Vishnu, the protector of life, for his blessings in marital life. Following prayer is done in each round
1) For plentiful of pure food
2) For good physical and mental health
3) For spiritual strength
4) For happiness and harmony
5) For begetting noble children
6) For all seasons to be beneficial
7) For the understanding, loyalty and peace and fulfilling religious duties
So, it is very important that in marriage, the saptapadi should be performed with utmost care in proper muhurat .

Tarot-The divination Cards

Tarot cards are the fortune telling cards having divination meaning.In other words it is something about an attempt to know the signals of nature.Every card has its own hidden meaning and its meaning changes with every new sequence.Our subconscious mind is like a chip which has all the information about the upcoming events. A tarot reading is simply the decoding the message of subconscious mind.There are many theories about its origin which is debatable.A deck of Tarot cards consist of 78 cards in total. Each card has a different picture.In the total of 78 cards there are 22 important cards called “ Major Arcana”. The rest 56 cards are minor cards called “ Minor Arcana”.The Minor Arcana cards can be further classified as a set of 4 suits of 14 cards each. Each suit of 14 cards consist of 1 to 10 number cards and 4 court cards.If in a reading the occurance of major cards are more then it is believ that destiny is controlling predominantly. On the other hand if minor cards are more in number in a reading then one assume that destiny is in your hand. The sequence of each card is so important that the whole meaning get reversed by mere changing the sequence irrespective of the fact that the same cards were drawn. Last but not least while shuffling the deck if a card fell from the hand then that card hold a special meaning in the interpretation. It should not be ignore.