Monday, April 29, 2013

Disha Shool

Now a day the traveling becomes indispensable part of our life. Previously the person who enjoys all the comforts at home was considered as the having the best Raj-Yoga. But in new context traveling takes the shape of industry. In our classics some days are considered as inauspicious to travel in particular direction. They term it as Disha-Shool. Disha means direction and shool means thorn. The position of thorn varies according to the day as follows.

Monday --- thorn lies in East

Tuesday --- thorn lies in North.

Wednesday ---thorn lies in North.

Thursday ---thorn lies in South

Friday ---thorn lies in West

Saturday ---thorn lies in East

Sunday --- thorn lies in West

One should avoid the direction of journey where the thorn exists on a particular day.

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Tara Chakra

n astrology, a very special place is allotted to planet Moon. A strong moon is capable of removing many doshas single handedly. Now the question is how to judge the strength of moon? For this we use the Tara Bal. The word “Tara” means star and the “Bal” means strength. This give fair idea that which “Nakshatra” is good or bad for a native. If Tara is favourable then it gives strength to Moon. As a result strong moon gives strength to Sun & strong sun gives strength to all planets in horoscope. The strong moon triggers the source of strength of all planets.
Step -1
Note down your Nakshatra Number and treat it as a Starting point or allot the number 1 to it. This will be your Janam Nakshatra.. For Example A native born in Swati Nakshatra, then “Swati” will be his Janam Nakshatra
Begin the counting from your “Janam Nakshatra” and name the following nakshatras sequentially as follows Janam(Already stated in step1),Sampat,Vipat,Kshema,Pratyari,Sadhak,Vadha,Mitra,Adhi-Mitra.Since we have 27 nakshatras in all, therefore after allotting 9 types of names to them we will have 9 groups of 3 nakshatra each.
In an above example the naming will be as follows
Janam(Already stated in step1) – Swati, Shatbhisha, Ardra,
 Sampat-Vishakha,Porva Bhadrapad,Punarvasu
Vipat- Anuradha,U Bhadrapad,Pushya
Kshema- Jyestha,Revati,Ashlesha,
Pratyari- Moola ,Ashwini,Magha.
Sadhak- Porva. Ashada,Bharini,Porva Phaguni,
Vadha- U. Ashada ,Kritika,UPhaguni,
Mitra- Shravana ,Rohini,Hasta,
Adhi-Mitra- Dhanishtha,Mrigshira,Chitra


1.From the Janam Nakshatra, the 3rd, 5th and 7th nakshatra is bad. So Vipat,Pratyari and Vadha are bad
2. 2nd,4th, 6th and 8th are best
3. 1st(Janam) and 9th are medium
In a following chart the dasha of saturn was not good because it is in U.Ashada nakshatra which is 7th from his janam nakshatra


For Vipat tara- donate salt of 3 tolas(1 tola = 12g approx),raw sugar

For Pratyari tara-donate salt of 5 tola

For Vadha tara-donate salt of 7 tola,Gold,Til

For Janam Tara-donate vegetables

Vish Kanya

Position of moon in horoscope is a key. It's position can make a big difference in predicition. Eeven at the time of match making, the analysis is based on the position of moon. In our classics some yoga has been mentioned which are highly misfortunate.These are called "Vish Kanya Yoga". The word "vish" is called poison and "Kanya" means girl. Even the male born under such combinations has the same effect.
The nakshatras Ashlesha, Vishakha, Jyeshta, and Moola. are trouble causing.
a)One born under Ashlesha first quarter brings death to one's mother-in-law.
b)Those born under Vishakha last quarter could cause death to married partner's younger brother.
c)If born under Jyeshta first quarter, there is danger to partner's elder brother.
d)Those born under Moola first quarter may indicate early death of father-in-law.
The above effects are too general.One parameter can not result in formation of yoga. There must be some supportive combination
1)The birth on the 12th Tithi, Shatabhisha nakshatra and on a Sunday.
2)Birth on Tuesday when the Tithi is 7th and the nakshatra happens to be Vishakha.
3)The 2nd Tithi on a Saturday when the Moon is in Ashlesha.
4)Birth on Sunday when the Moon is in Bharani nakshatra.
5)Birth on Monday with the Moon in Chitra.
6)On Tuesday, Moola nakshatra.
7)Combination of Wednesday and Dhanishta.
8)Combination of Thursday and Jyeshta.
9)Combination Friday and Purvashada.
10)Combination Saturday and Revati.
The above combination needs micro analysis.But in modern times it is often seen that the boy and girls matches their charts own with the help of computer on guna basis only which is very risky

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Ghar ki Income

It is not only the human being earns the income; one can measure the income of house also. Here the word income is not used in quantitative terms but use as a qualitative aspect. The following formula gives the fair idea whether the plot will fetch benefits to owner or not.
Step1 – Find the area of house. A= LxB
Step2- Multiply it by 9 & Divide the product by 8
Step3- Consider the remainder. It will range between 1 and 8. If the remainder is zero then treat it as 9
Step4-Now there are 8 types of Income name as Dhwaja, Dhumra, Lion, Dog, Bull, Donkey, Elephant, Camel.
Step5-Their effect are as follows
1 Dhwaja-Progress
2 Dhumra-Regrets
3 Lion-Victory
4 Dog-Enemies will increase
5 Bull-Gain in wealth
6 Donkey-Gives Poverty
7 Elephant-Happiness
8 Camel-Disease
So, it means if the remainder is odd then it is auspicious. Hope your income of house belongs to Dhwaja category. The word Dhwaja means flag. All odd numbers produce results good for construction of a house. All even numbers yield bad results.

Friday, April 19, 2013

Happy Vacations

It is the dream of every family to spend the vacations to some luxurious places or hill stations. But rarely one pay attention towards going to sacred places called Teeraths of India. Soul of India resides in teeraths. Hindu philosophy is based upon rebirth. Only in India it is possible get clear the debt of past life bad karmas because it is “Karma-bhoomi”. Visiting to teeraths is one of the way to accumulate “Punyas”(पुण्य ). Generally people visit these places once they get old or abandoned by their children. Parents sacrifice their every single comfort to their children. But this does not help them in any ways because children hardly left with the memory of childhood once they grow adult. Every year I always take my children to religious as well as adventurous trip to maintain the balance . I believe that the Punyas earned by the children in their childhood will help them in their old age. Eventhough they forgot the memories of trip still the punyas earned by them will act as a guardian in the future life. All the things we suffer in this life is due to bad past life karmas. If we have good balance of punyas then it surly helps to combat with miseries. The same ways good deeds performed at teeraths has multifold effect. Utmost care has to be taken while behaving in teeraths. Secondly, In Jyotish 5th house indicates children as well throws lot of information on past life where as 9th house denotes religion as well as father. So when parents visits teerath along with kids then it is like giving vital energies to 5th as well as 9th house of horoscope of each other.

Recovery Time

In Kaliyuga the maximum age allotted to human being is 120 years. But as we are moving ahead in Kaliyuga despite having money and technology we are unable to combat 100 % successfully against the diseases. In Jyotish there are some section in our classics which are taught as medical astrology in various schools of astrology. One can predict the recovery time of the disease with the help of astrological principals

If the disease starts at the following Nakshatra    Recovery time
1.Moola,Kritka,Ashwini                                                09 days
2.Magha                                                                      20 days
3.Vishakha,Hasta,Dhanishta                                         15 days
4.Bharini,Shravna,Shatbhisha,Chitra                            11 days
5.U.Phaguni,U.Bhadrapad,,Pushya,Punarvasu,Rohini     07 days
6.Mrigshira,U.Ashada                                                    30 days
7.Revati,Anuradha                                                  Delayed recovery
8.Swati,Jyeshtha,3-Poorva,Ardra,Ashlesha                 No Recovery
The bottom group is highly dangerous.If a person falling ill on Tuesday,Sunday or Saturday coinciding with nakshatra belongs to last group with rikta tithes(4/9/14) then disease may be highly troublesome

Jeevan Rekha

In palmistry the life line is termed as “ Jeevan Rekha”. Now is it true that it represent the span of life of a person? Recently I examine a hand of a person who is above 75 years of age but have a very short life line. It is better to call it as a line of vitality. It depicts the level of energy. Before making any conclusion it is very important to analyze the formation of line. Some times a short life line is well supported by Fate line. In that case the whole focus of analysis shift. This type of formation indicate positive change in life, settling abroad or marriage with outside community. If other warning signals are absent then present of supporting line with a life line indicate partner with soulmate. Life line act as a balance between physical and mental energy. The shorter the life line making the mental energy available in abundance. Generally during the course the life line covers the mount of Venus. Planet Venus is indicator of marital happiness. Just like match making in astrology, matching of hands are done in palmistry. A short life line with other negative signal may be warning signal as far as growth of family is concern. So it all depends upon totality. One single criteria can not give result.

Magic of 108

Zodiac is a path on which the planets travel. Entire path is divided into 27 nakshatras. Each having 4 padas. Our sages multiplied this number of nakshatras (27) by four and fixed the resultant number (108) as the required number of beads in a rosary. In astrology 1 day and 1 night together makes 1 ahoratra. A human being breathes 21600 times in an Ahoratra. Classics advice that a person tells a rosary with 108 beads at least once in a day simultaneously chanting the Lord's name, all the breaths find a purpose. If rosary is told with proper rituals, it yields hundred times more benefits. By proper rituals, it means telling of rosary at least 100 times a day. Thus it equals (108 x 100) to 10800 i.e. equal to half the number of breaths during an Ahoratra which is requirement number for human to devote his breaths in god’s name. Another view is that in Sanskrit, the language of God has 54 letters. Each has masculine and feminine, Shiva and shakti. 54 times 2 is 108.It is believe that the human soul goes through 108 stages on the journey to God. In Ayurveda there are a 108 marmas in the body. They are points that can heal or kill a living being. When we say 108 mantras it acts as a Kavach (protection) to each point. If we add the number we get the total of 9.Nine is sometimes connected to Ketu, the moksa Karaka (significator of liberation), the planet that brings higher awareness, expanded vision and moksha (liberation). In the Durga Saptasati, the goddess Durga has nine forms known as the Navadurga. The number 9 is connected to the goddess Durga.In Hindu jyotish it is godess Durga who guards the prana of the body.

Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Chosing a Gemstone

Gemstones are use widely in astrology as a remedy.But the real question is which gem to chose.For that it is very important to judge the horoscope of native.Here lagna plays a very important role. The ruling planet of lagna and lords of Trikonas qualify at the first sight. But there is catch here that if that planet is in bad house and deblitated then it will be disqualified.Gemstones of the 6th,8th and 12th houses be avoided if they do not own a trine.Also the gemstone of markesh planet should not be selected.If the dasha lord qualifies the above criteria then the gem of that planet hold the upper hand.Its very important that combinations of gemstones is strictly prohibited in case their lord are inimical to each other. It means before selection, the planet has to pass the 5 fold test in which its placement,sign,nature & lordship of 2 houses are at stake.So, to wear a gemstone one must consult astrologer.

Diamond is not for everyone!!

Recently I found an article in which just to promote the sales of Diamond one company advertise vigorously. But from astrological point of view this may not be correct. Gems are concentrated form of energy. Every planet in nav-grah is associated with particular gem stone. Diamond is associated with Venus. Venus is natural benefic planet. This is a general statement. At the same time Venus is not functional benefic for all the people. It means that role assigned to it is not for good. In simple words it may work as villain for a particular horoscope by becoming markesh,the killer plant or by becoming badhakesh, the planet causing obstacles.
For lagans like Aries,Leo,Pisces, Cancer, Scorpio, Saggitarius its highly dangerous to wear Diamond
For lagans like Taurus, Gemini ,Virgo,Libra,Capricorn,Aquarious its highly beneficial.
Above all its very important to check the placement of Venus in a sign & house, which can modify the above result to great extent. For that it’s important to consult astrologer.

Deadly Duo

In Astrology the 6th and 8th house are among the list of dusthan(Bad houses). That is why 6/8 relation is considered harmful and it is frequently used in dasha analysis.Planets placed in 6th or 8th from the planet of running dasha generally diminishes the good effect of dasha.Here the same rule is applied while judging the strength of a house where two planets of different nature are placed.
Place all the 9 planets in order as follows
The planet 6th from itself is the shatru graha(enemical)
We will have the following enemical combinations after applying step-2 in the step-1 list
If the lord,Karka doesnot support the bhava, then the above combination placed in any bhava will harm the signification of that bhava.

Sarpa Dosham


It is often seen than despite having good Dasha the good results does not accrue to the native.Before analysing the "Sarpa Dosham" it is necessary to identify the badhak planet.The word "Badhak" means obstruction. In horoscope there are certain position from a house which are called badhak sthan & it's lords are called Badhakesh

How to Determine
From the Movable sign the 11th house from it is called badhak sthan
From the Fix sign the 9th house from it is called badhak sthan
From the Dual sign the 7the house from it is called badhak sthan

Sarpa Dosha
In Astrology the plante Rahu represent the " Snake" or "Sarpa"
Rahu along with Badhakesh plays the major role in creating dosha in horoscope .
Any connection of Rahu with the Lord of badhak sthan is dangerous.
Even placement of Rahu in 6/8/badhak sthan creates dosha.
Jupiter the divine planet if at all get associiated with Badhakesh having rahu/gulika in trines created the same dosha.Sun- Rahu or Moon- Rahu Conjunction is also responsible for the above dosha

Donate small eggs of gold/copper if Rahu is in Dual Sign
Donate small eggs of silver/copper if Rahu is in movable Sign
Plant Trees if Rahu is in fix Sign

Mangal ya Amangal

The word " Mangal Dosha " is the word which get a lot of hype while matching a chart.A native is considered to be “Manglik” when Mars is placed in the first, second, fourth, seventh, eighth or twelfth house from the natal ascendant or Moon. Some modern astro-researchers even include these positions from Venus. If all those concepts are totally true then in this way more eighty (80%) percent of the human beings are Manglik. The said position of Mars in a horoscope does not make a native Manglik in case the Mars is a functional benefic for the natal chart. The natal charts where Mars becomes functional malefic i.e. Virgo, Scorpio and Taurus ascendant charts, it can generate the results of the so-called Manglik yoga if the association of Mars is close/exact to the middle point of the house and the lord of the house where Mars is posited, is weak. There is no exception to this combination. However, the close aspects of a efficient benefic Jupiter is capable of warding off the evils generated by Mars to a large extent.Apart from that there are other factors also like the rashi which is influenced by mars.It makes a lot of difference while judging the chart.In the case of a boy, the dosha is highest for the seventh house and in case of the girl the dosha is at the peak for the eighth house.In addition to Mars, the fire planets Ketu and Sun also should be considered in counting the number of dosha’s in a horoscope. . In addition to the fiery planets, there is another group, which are also Papa grahas (malefics). These are Saturn and Rahu. These planets placed in similar positions should be considered in counting dosha’s. However the property of the dosha given by these planets is different - usually they are seen to cause delays in getting married, difficult relationships, bitterness and general unhappiness. Thus Saturn/ Rahu dosha’s in one horoscope cannot be matched with Mars/ Ketu dosha’s in the other horoscope.

Sunday, April 14, 2013

Marriage & Prosperity

In Modern time an astrolger has to undergo a stiff test while matching a horoscope. Apart from matching based on Ashta Koota Milaan there are other factors to be considered. One of the important factor the financial stability of a couple after marriage. It can be checked in the following way which is very interesting for any person who possess even little knowledge of astrology.

Step1 The rule is that count from the Nakshatra of the bride to that of the groom.
Step2 Multiply this number by 5 and divide the product by 7. The reminder is Vyaya or expenditure.
Step3 Now the counting is again made from the Janma Nakshatra of the groom and the same calculation is repeated, the reminder indicates “aya” or gain or income.

If the aya is greater than vyaya, marriage brings all round prosperity. If this is reverse, the couple will experience poverty.

Saturday, April 13, 2013

Mythology of eclipse

In Hindu mythology there is a wonderful story that describes how the gods and the demons once formed an alliance to produce a nectar that could give them immortality. This is the story of the churning of the milk-ocean and the descent of Lord Visnu as the Kurma avatara, the divine tortoise. When the nectar that was churned from this ocean was being served to the gods, a demon, disguised as a god, sat between the Sun and the Moon in an attempt to procure the nectar. When he was detected by the Sun and the Moon, Lord Visnu immediately severed his head from his body. Unfortunately, it was not fast enough, for the demon had already tasted a small quantity of the nectar and had become immortal. Ever since, this demon is said to wreak vengeance on the Sun and Moon whenever they come near. The head of this great demon is known as Rahu and his tail is known as Ketu.Since then Rahu and ketu promised that they will going to trouble sun and moon from time to time to take the revenge.In Hindu astrology Rahu and Ketu are known as two invisible planets. They are enemies of the Sun and the Moon, who at certain times of the year (during conjunction or opposition) swallow the Sun or the Moon causing either a solar or a lunar eclipse.

The Powerful suit- Spade

While reading divination playing crads for fortune telling when we came across the spades then it reflect the action packed impact on the person.These cards hold the power of transformation.Spades reflect areas where you are experiencing conflict . These cards are often seen in a negative light, but their purpose is to let you know when it's time to move on.Spades often relate to illness or health-related difficulties.Spades reflect your inability to let go, to see clearly, to share and cooperate with others, or to act in a direct manner. Too much spade energy suggests that you are in denial about some issue and refusing to make necessary changes in your life.
Element represent- Air
Key indication- warning

Vaastu Chakra

When a person moves to a new city for settlement, then to check its compatibility with new environment can be examined with a unique method called "Vaastu Chakra" provided by our sages.
Now Every nakshatra is associated with some hindi alphabet as follows

Step-1 Select the nakshatra number to which the first alphabet of a city belong
Step-2 Select the nakshatra number to which the first alphabet of a name of person belong
Step-3 Count from the nakshatra obtain from step-1 till the nakshatra obtain from step-2
Step-4 The following result is predicted If
The answer is 1/2/3/4/5 then it indicate Profit
The answer is 6/7/8 then it indicate Loss of wealth
The answer is 9/10/11/12/13 then it indicate gain of wealth
The answer is 14/15/16/17/18/19 then it indicate Profit
The answer is 20 then it indicate gain of property
The answer is 21/22/23/24 then it indicate fears
The answer is 25 then it indicate sorrow
The answer is 26 then it indicate loss of fortune
The answer is 27 then it indicate accidents

Sunday, April 7, 2013

Classification of Astrology

The Vedas which are the sacred Hindu scriptures, containing eternal knowledge. Astrology is as a branch of Vedas known as Vedanga with the help of which it is possible to know about all the past and future event. There are total 6 vedangs
1.Shiksha : This branch deals in study of technique of correct pronunciation of words
2.Chhanda : Deals in rhythm,pasue,stress feature of utterance of the Vedic 'Suktas'.
3.Vyakarana : Deals in grammatical aspects of the language.
4.Nirukta : Which explains the difficult words, 'padas' and 'mantras'.
5.Kalpa : Deals ritualistic aspects of the Vedas.
6.Jyotisha : It is one of the most important of the Vedangas.

Astrology is further subdivided into 3 parts-Siddhantas,Samhita,Hora.
Siddhantas deals in astrolonomical aspect of astrology. The great astrologer Varahmihir considers the following 5 in his book “Pancha Sidhantika”
(a) Surya Siddhanta
(b) Paulisha Siddhanta
(c) Romaka Siddhanta
(d) Vasishtha Siddhanta
(e) Paitamaha Siddhanta
Samhita deals in world event as well as meteorological predictions. The annual world predictions which are generally based either on Hindu New Year commencing on the Chaitra Shukla Pratipada, or on the solar Ingress into Mesha, fall under the Samhita astrology.
Hora deals in human horoscopy.It is related to individual. Electional astrology which is also called muhurat comes under this category.

The birth of Logic

The planet moon(Chandra) is considered very important in Indian system of astrology. This planet single handedly can create or destroy many Rajyogas in horoscope. Once he kidnapped the wife of devguru “Brihaspati(Jupiter)” called Tara. Despite intervention of Gods , Chandra was adamant and he did not release Tara. Eventually Lord Brahma came to rescue. With his request Chandra released Tara. But due to union between Chandra and Tara , a child named “Budha(mercury)” was produced. Since then Budh considerd Chandra as his enemy. This story is very important in understanding the relationship between Mind and logic because Chandra is representative of all the emotions i.e mind where mercury is representative of Logic. People having combinations of moon and mercury in their horoscope often found having flickering mind. The same concept can be applied in the world of spirituality. In other words, the Jupiter is the self of a person who is innocent, Moon is mind who is notorious where as Tara is material world. Every child is a innocent because he lives in self level. When he grows, his mind develops. His connection with self get disconnected. A new relation is established between his mind and the outer world(Like Tara and Moon in story). The depth of this relation produces awareness . With the birth of awareness(mercury), mind detatched from the world(sepration of Tara and Chandra). The reunion of Tara and Jupiter indicate the emergence of truth

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Kumbh Vivah

At the time of match making, the “maanglik dosham” act as a villain . Despite having good match from all the angles one has to discard the match just because of one fault. It is not necessary that only mangal dosham is the sole cause of marital separation between couple. Some times there are dreadful combinations of widowhood and widowerhood are present in the respective horoscopes of girl and boy which can backfire badly. In a male dominated Indian society a lot of questions are fired on girl’s horoscope. That is why parents are worried at the time of marriage of daughter. In hindu system of astrology there is a method of “kumbh Vivah” which has to be performed in case the girl’s horoscope qualifies for any problem to life of a partner. In this process a symbolic ceremony is performed between a girl and urn made up of clay. The moment the marriage ceremony is over the urn is crushed indicating that the girl become widow. After this ceremony the marriage between girl and boy is performed. The whole process is done with the mantras. In this special pooja the girl sit along with parents and she had to wear a red thread which is discarded at the end. This tradition has some variations where instead of clay pot, the marriage is performed with either peepal or banana tree.