Friday, November 30, 2012

Shubh Yaatra

In ancient times journey away from home was considered inauspicious as home was considered as the best asset the man has. In classics there are some methods which guides a person when to start for a journey in a particular direction to gain success.For this current position of moon is necessary to be known.Moon changes the zodiac sign in approximately in 2.5 days. Every sign is associated with a particular direction.

How to know Direction

When Moon is in

1)Aries,Leo, Saggitarius then it is said to be in East direction

2)Taurus,Virgo,Capricorn then it is said to be in South direction

3)Gemini,Libra,Aquarius then it is said to be in West direction

4)Cancer,Scorpio,Pisces then it is said to be in North direction


While traveling in a particular direction the moon in front or right side is auspicious and moon onback or left side is inauspicious


If at the start of journey the moon is in a particular direction the following result will accrue

1) left-loss of money

2) back-troubles

3) front-success

4) right- gains

Sunday, November 25, 2012

Shodash Upchaar Pooja

Hindus generally believe in “sakaar pooja” which means they need some form to pray god. For example, we all know that air is present everywhere, but still we need fan to feel it. To worship god , there are certain rules and procedure. It is believe that the 16 step pooja called “ Shodash-upchaar” pooja is the best form to worship the god. The word sodash in Sanskrit means “sixteen”. Following are the important steps in order to worship God-

Step 1 Avahan-welcome of gods
Step 2 Asana-offering of seat
Step 3 Padhya-offering water for washing feet(by sprinkling water)
Step 4 Argya-washing hand(by sprinkling water)
Step 5- Achamany-washing mouth
Step 6 Snan- water is offered for bath
Step 7- Vastram- Clothes are offered to god
Step 8- Yagyapaveet-sacred thread is offer
Step 9- Aabharnam- offer ornaments
Step 10- Gandh-offer sandalwood paste
Step 11- Pushpam-offer flowers
Step 12- Dhoopam- offer dhoop or aggarbati(incense stick)
Step 13- Deepam- lightening of lamp
Step 14- Naivadya-offering food
Step 15- Archana-reciting mantras and prayers
Step 16- Namaskaram- Salutation of god

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Evil eye

The concept of “Buri Nazar” (evil eye) is very popular and creates ripples in the mind when any one heard about it. This is transfer of negative energy. When a person constantly think negative about another person or object the negative thoughts accumulated in the mind. This vibrating energy when transfer to another object, then it causes harm to it. For example when a person is affected by evil eye, then his thinking pattern may get disturbed badly. It might cause unexplainable diseases which are unexplain even by the world of medical science. Similarly when an object falls under the effects of evil-eye then it might be damaged. Intrestingly, it is the first gaze of the person which is important. Once it is neutralized , then there is no harm.
Even in china people put a octagonal mirror in front of their houses to prevent the evil effects entering the house. It is called “Shar” in china. On the same concept in India 7 chilies and a lemon is hang on top of the front door. Some of the effective methods of removing the evil eye are as follows
1) Wave salt over the head of the afflicted person and throw it in the running water.
2) Use red chilly and repeat the above step, but instead it is thrown in fire.
3) Hang 7 chilies and a lemon on top of the front door
4) Apply black spot on the forehead of children, if they are the sufferers
5) Black pot is hang on top of the house
6) Black thread is tied below the new vehichle.
7) Take a bowl of mustard oil and look your image in it. Then burn it outside the house.
8) Take seven red chilies, rock salt, mustered seeds, a piece of Fitkari and a lemon and put it in a small bag. And rotate the things three times clockwise and three times anticlockwise and ask the sufferers to spit for three times on the bag and throw all the articles at a distant place.
9) In an alum method , it is rotated 3 times around the affected person and then thrown in fire(But it is very dangerous method from spiritual point of view)
10) Use coconut and rotate it around the person in odd number and then break it at the cross road.
11) On the shadow of person place a lamp and put 7 chilles in it.
It is not only the human being responsible for the evil-eye, even animals also cast evil eye to human being. It is beleive that the wife of oil vendor,goldsmith and washerman possess more powers. So, there are many rituals to prevent from the aftermath of evil eye which varies from place to place and religion to religion.

Thursday, November 15, 2012

Curse to Agni Dev

From the spiritual union of Lord Shiva and Parvati, a divine energy was produced which was necessary for the birth of their son. Even the gods were eagerly waiting for thier son to be born so that he could kill the demon. Tarkasur. But as the news of the birth of energy reached Tarkasur, he attacked the gods and wanted to destroy the energy to prevent the birth of son of Lord Shiva and Parvati. Indra, the chief of gods,sends Agni dev to protect the energy. Agnidev stole that energy without the knowledge of Lord Shiva and Parvati and escaped so that it could be protected from the demons. Agnidev fails to bear the heat produced by the energy and runs towards the forest to save his life. When goddess Parvati came to know about the loss of energy , she became furious with gods as they had intruded in her matters of motherhood and she cursed the deities that their wives will not be able to conceive.She also  cursed Agnidev that he would be shunned by good things and he would become black   due to the impurities when he is offered food and  not only this she further increased the punishment by saying that whoever touches him will be burnt to ashes.Goddess Parvati  was deeply hurt and said that whoever had taken her son away from her will be destroyed.The curse soon started to show its the trees of forests started to get burnt due to Agni dev. He prayed Lord Shiva for the help. Lord Shiva appeared and said that even after activation of Parvati's curse he would remain pure and who ever gets burnt to ashes by him will also become pure.From that day due to purity of fire he get his new name "Pawak" from Lord Shiva.

Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Chappan Bhog

Just to save his followers from the fury of rain god, Indra, Lord Krishna lifted the Goardhan mountain on his little finger for seven days. He didnt't eat any thing during that period. Since lord Krishna used to have 8 meals a day so after 7 days all the devotees offered 56(7x8) kinds of food to Lord Krishna. Even today, day after diwali is celebrated as 'Goardhan Pooja' and Goardhan mountain is worshipped . During the worship 56 kinds of food is prepared and offered to Lord Krishna. This special food is called "Annakut".The Bhog also needs to be arranged in a definite sequence; Milk  products arranged the closest to Him.  .This is followed by Besan items and then the salty food. At the end illachi is offered.
7 types of cereals
7 types of fruits
7 types of dryfruits
7 vegetables
7 sweets
7 drinks
7 namkeen
7 sauces or pickles

in another variation one offer
16 kinds of namkeen'
20 kinds of sweets
20 kinds of dry fruit

Here  is the list of 56 items which are offered with some variations in north India
1) Saag( Spinach)
2) Dahi (curd)
3) kheer ( sweet rice and milk)
4) Chawal (rice)
5) Rasgulla
6) Rabri
7) Mathi
8) Daal
9) Chutney
10) Kadi
11) Malpuda
12) murabba
13) Shakkarpaara
14) Ghewar
15) Chila
16) Jalebi
17) Papad
18) Dalia
19) Laddoo
20) Ghee
21) honey
22) Mohanbhog
23) Mathha
24) Lassi
25) Butter
26) Malai
27) Moong Dal Ka Halwa
28) Khichadi
29) Pakode
30) Brinjal
31) Lauki
32) Coconut chutney
33) Poori
34) Kachori
35) Roti
36) Badam Milk
37) Coconut water
38) Mango
39) Banana
40) Shkanjvi
41) Grapes
42) Apple
43) Plum
44) Cashew nuts
45) Almonds
46) Raisins
47) Pistachios
48) Channa
49) Tikki
50) Sweet Rice
51) Bhujia
52) Pudina Chutney
53) Saunf
54) Paan
55) Supaari
56) Illaichi