Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Shani dev and King Vikramaditya

Once nav greh(the nine planets) reached the court of King Vikramaditya to decide who is more superior among them. King  Vikramditya was famous for his wisdom. He prepared 9 thrones of different material and numbered them. He assigned number 1 to the throne made up of Gold and number 9 to the throne made of iron. Shani(saturn) knew that his throne is of iron so he felt humiliated on assigning low rank. He decided to take revenge from King Vikramaditya. He started controlling his destiny.One day Vikramaditya bought an unusual horse and went for riding and lost the way in the forest.he took shelter in the house of a businessman.he stayed there for many days. One  day  daughter of businessman lost her neckless.The merchant blamed Vikramaditya for stealing. His hands were amputated by the soldiers as punishment.To earn his livelihood he started working with Teli(oil seed crusher) . One day he was singing the song, when the princess of that kingdom heard it and got fascinated.Finally the marriage of Vikramditya and the princess was performed. One night Shani appeared in the dream of Vikramaditya and told him that all his suffering happened due to ill treatment by him. Vikramaditya asked for forgiveness. Shani dev accepted his apology. Next morning, all the limbs of Vikramditya were restored. The dreadful period of Shani called sade saati was over. He decided to  keep fast on Saturday as a mark of honor of  Shani dev.  He returned to his kingdom and live happily thereafter.

Sunday, September 16, 2012

The Land of goddess Sita-Sitamari

50 km away from Allahabad on National Highway 2 there is a place called 'Sitamari' which is very sacred for hindus for many reasons.According to Indian mythology, Sitamarhi has got immense significance, because it was here at the ashram of sage Valmiki that goddess Sita gave birth to sons Luv and Kush and leter descended into the lap of Mother Earth . Even a 108 ft statue of Lord Hanuman is installed here which could be seen from the distance. It is one of the five ‘Teerths’ in Poorvanchal which are Prayagraj, Sitamarhi,Sarnath. Vindhyachal and  Kashi. Still it is believe that the unique grass found in this region is actually hairs of goddess Sita which glitters at night and on uprooting it on particular time , a blood like substance oozes. When goddess Sita was about to merged into the earth, Lord Rama did tried to hold her , but he managed to get few hairs of her. In the month of Shravan, females perform special pooja of these hairs like grass for the longevity of their husbands.
Exactly here goddess merged into the earth.

The carving on walls showing different episodes of Ramayana
The excellent glass work
108 ft Statue of Hanuman
The famous tree at the backdrop where sons of Lord Rama tied the horse of Ashwamegh Yagya

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Kewat- a friend indeed

During the years of exile when Lord Rama reached at the banks of river Ganga, he needed a boat to cross it. He approached a boatman, Kewat for his services. But Kewat refused.He said, “I have heard that there is magic in the dust of your feet. By the touch of your feet, a stone can change into a woman.( he was referring to the previous incident in which Lord Rama removed the curse of Ahilya by touching his foot to a stone which turned into a woman)”. Kewat laid the condition that first he would wash Rama's feet to remove the dust and only then he would allow him to to sit on the boat. Lord Rama smiled  and allowed Kewat to wash His feet. Kevat by his simple manner, thus achieved what great sages could not achieve. It was kewat’s   devotion which made it possible for him to accomplish a feat that even the gods are envy of.

After washing the Lord’s feet, Kewat ferried them across the river Ganga. As soon as they alighted from the boat, goddess Sita immediately withdrew a ring from her finger and handed it over to Lord Rama, signaling to him to pass it on to the boatman.But Kewat refused to accept it. On asking the reason, kewat replied," Lord, ! how can i accept any money from You because   people of the same profession do not charge each other for their services. A barber never takes payment, when he gives a haircut to another barber. Even a washer-man never charges a fellow washer-man.". Lord Rama was surprised with the response and wanted clarification from Kewat that how could he be of the same profession . Kewat answered "Lord, both of us do the same work. I ferry people from this bank of the Ganges to the other. You ferry people across the ocean of Sansaara (Bhav-sagar), through the journey of life.How can I accept payment from you? Lord! . But please, as I have made you cross this river today, when my time comes, take me across sansaar saagar (the ocean of life). That would be your return to me."The Lord was so overwhelmed at this devotional request from Kewat, that he held out his arms and embraced the boatman and blessed him. Later, the Kewat was liberated from the cycle of birth and death just because of this little service done unto the Supreme Lord! After the completion of his exile when Lord Rama returned to Ayodhya, he was crowned as King. But in coronation ceremony his eyes were looking for some special guest. When Sita asked Rama that is he waiting for some one. Lord Rama replied that he is missing Kewat too much today. Even on the day of extreme happiness Lord Rama did not forget the  good deed done by Kewat long time ago.
Jai Shri Ram!