Monday, August 22, 2011

Curse of Yudhishtir

In Mahabharat's war, it was on 17th day when the battle between Karna and Arjun broke. The intensity and importance of the fight could be judged from the fact that even Gods witnessed it from the heaven. Eventually, Karna was killed by the Arjun and a wave of grief spread in Kauravas camp after this shocking news. After this important victory Pandavas found that their mother, Kunti was very upset despite her son Arjun scored victory over Karna. She expressed her desire to her sons to perform the last rites of Karna. But their sons,Pandavas declined. Then Kunti revealed the secret that actually Karna was her son which was born before her marriage.Surya blessed her a son when she was unmarried. On hearing this, Yudhishtir, perhaps lost his patience for the first time in his life. He cursed the women race that they would never able to keep a secret.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

100 births old curse

In the epic Mahabharata,Bhism Pitamah was the prominent charater. He was a very desciplined warrior. In the war when he was about to die, he was lying on the bed of arrows. The whole life series was running in his mind at the time of death. He reminded that since many births he hadn't committed a single mistake then why he had suffering at the time of death. He requested Lord Krishna to answer his question. Then Lord Krishna with his divine powers took Bhishma Pitamah 100 births back. In a retrogression journey he found that he was a king 100 births back and committed one sin while he was going to forest for hunting. He found a snake lying in on his way. He tried to save his life and lifted with sword and threw in the bushes. But, the snake lost its life being struck in thorns. Before dying he cursed the king that he too would die like this.
Lord krishna , brought Bhishma Pitamah back to current time frame and further explained that in subsequent births due to his good deeds the curse of snake didnt prevailed but it kept following him since last 100 births and this was his last birth so as per law of karma at the time of death he was lying on the bed of arrows just like the snake lied on thorns 100 births back.