Monday, December 29, 2008

Curse of a Father

Samba was a son of lord Krishna and Jambvanti. He was very handsome but arrogant.
He was becoming mischievous day by day. Every other day numerous complaints reached Lord Krishna . One day Lord Krishna lost his patience and cursed Samba. Due to the curse Samba suffered from leprosy at the very next moment. This shocked her mother. She requested Lord Krishna to take back the curse. But it was against the nature. Only one alternative was left. Lord Krishna ordered Samba to pray to Lord Surya in order to get rid off the curse. Samba, without wasting a minute rushed to sacred place Kashi. Here he prepare a pond(Kunda) and worshipped Lord Surya with utmost devotion. After some time Lord Surya pleased with his prayers and he blessed him . In this way Samba manage to get librated from the curse of his father. It is believe that a person who take bath in that pond(kunda) on Sunday and worship lord Surya, he get liberated from diseases.

Sunday, December 14, 2008

Rule is Rule

The five Pandavas were marride to Draupadi. To maintain the relegious conduct it was decided that Draupadi will spend one year with each of the Pandavas. Also it was decided that no brother would disturb the Draupadi and other brother with her during that year. In case of breach of this rule, then there was a penelty for exile. One day a brahmin came to Arjun for his help because some one had stolen his cow. Since Arjun was a kshatriya, so it was his duty to help the brahmin. But there was a problem because his arrow and bows were in the room of his elder brother Yudhishthir and Draupadi. As per rule he could not disturb his brother. He was in a state of dilemma. But he decide to help brahmin at any cost. So he rushed towards Yudhisthir room. And after getting his bow and arrows he rushed to catch the thief. With his courage he manage get back the cow of brahmin. Since he had broken the rule, so he went to Yudhisthir for confession. Elder brother Yudhisthir knew the breach of rule by Arjun, but he pardon him for his mistake because the rule was broken for a noble cause. But the Arjuna was so strong that he could not take his words back. At once he left the kingdom for a one year exile.

Friday, December 12, 2008

Secret Code

There was a king of Magadha called Brihadratha. He had two wives but no children. Once a sage gave him a special fruit to give it to his wife so that the king would be bless with a son. But the king gave half of the fruit to each queen. Strangely in time they gave birth to half a child each. One half was the left side and the other half the right. In the city there was a demoness called Jara. With her magic powers she united the two halves of the child. King and queen were happy and named the child “Jarasandh” . Later the Jarasandh became very powerful and acquired a boon that no weapon could cause his death. Jarasandh was father in law of Kansa. Since Lord Krishna had killed Kansa, so Jarasandh had an inimical feeling towards Lord Krishna. To kill Jarasandh was too difficult due to protection of boon. Once Lord Krishna decided to visit his court along with Bheema and Arjun. Here Lord Krishna played a trick and asked Bheema to challenge Jarasandh for a fight. As a result a very intense fight was fought between Bheema and Jarasandh for 14 days. All the efforts for Bheema went in vain because every time he crushes the body of Jarasandh, his pieces were reunited. Only Lord Krishna knew the secret of Jarasandh. Immediately Lord Krishna picked the blade grass, tore it into 2 parts and threw in opposite direction. He did it just to signal Bheema. This secret signal Bheema well understood. Bhima tore apart Jarasandha in two pieces lengthwise and threw away the pieces in opposite directions i.e. right piece of body on the left side and the left piece of body on the right side. In this way the mighty Jarasandh was killed due to trick of Lord Krishna.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Jai Shri Krishna!

As Per Vishnu Puraan, Lord Krishna was born in the linage of Chandravanshi Kings. Here is the linage of Chandra Vansh.

1. Brahma
2. Daksha
3. Vivasvat
4. Manu
5. Chandra
6. Pururava
7. Aayu
8. Nahush
9. Yayati
10. Yadu
11. Kroshtu
12. Dhwajinivan
13. Swati
14. Rushanku
15. Chitrarath
16. Shashabindu
17. Pruthusravas
18. Prithutam
19. Ushanas
20. Shitpu
21. Rukmakavach
22. Paravrushta
23. Jayamadh
24. Vidarbh
25. Krath
26. Kunti
27. Dharishti
28. Nidhrtti
29. Dasharha
30. Vyoma
31. Jimut
32. Vikrati
33. Bhimrath
34. Navrath
35. Dashrath
36. Shakuni
37. Karambhi
38. Devrat
39. Devkshetra
40. Madhu
41. Kumarvansh
42. Anu
43. Anshu
44. Satvat
45. Vrishni
46. Yudhjita
47. Anamitra
48. Vrishni
49. Chitrarath
50. Vidurath
51. Shoor
52. Sharman
53. Pratikshatra
54. Bhoj
55. Hridika
56. Devmudh
57. Shoor
58. Vasudev
60. Pradyumna
61. Aniruddha
62. Vajranabha
63. Pratibahu
64. Subahu
65. Shantasen
66. Shatasen

Sunday, December 7, 2008

One Eye

During the period of exile Once Lord Rama and Sita were staying at Chitrakoot. While they were resting a crow attacked Sita. The attack of crow was so furious that he injured Sita with his beak. Her blood fell on Rama. He woke up hurriedly. The crow was none other than Jayant, the son of Indra. To take revenge Lord Rama decided to use the mighty weapon called “Brahma Astra”. He invoke his weapon with the help of mantras in a blade of grass and fired it to the crow. The weapon pursued the crow who tried his best to escape. The crow could not able to get the shelter in any of the three loka and he returned to Lord Rama for the forgiveness. But as per rule the Brahma Astra could not be taken back. So the crow decided to give his right eye ball as a penalty for his sin. Since then the crow is said to have only one eye-ball . The crow uses one eye ball by rolling it from one eye socket to other to look.

Friday, December 5, 2008

The Janak

King Nimi died due to curse of Sage Vashishtha. In order to prevent the kingdom from disorder the sages churn the body of king Nimi and produced a son named Janak. Since his father was bodyless, he was also known as “Videh” which means without body. From here the lineage known as “Videh Janaks”. The lineage continued as follows.
1) Janak
2) Udavasu
3) Nandivardhana
4) Suketu
5) Devavrat
6) Brihadukath
7) Mahavirya
8) Sudhriti
9) Dristaketu
10) Haryasva
11) Manu
12) Pratik
13) Kritiratha
14) Devamidha
15) Vibhut
16) Mahadhriti
17) Kirtirata
18) Mahorama
19) Swarnorama
20) Hrisvaroma
21) Seeradhwaja - Father of Sita.
22) Bhaanumaan
23) Shatadyumn
24) Shuchi
25) Oorjnaamaa
26) Kriti
27) Anjan
28) Kurujit
29) Arishtnemi
30) Shrutaayu
31) Supaarshwa
32) Srinjaya
33) Kshemaavee
34) Anenaa
35) Bhaumarath
36) Satyarath
37) Upagu
38) Upagupt
39) Swaagat
40) Swaanand
41) Suvarchaa
42) Supaarshwa
43) Subhaash
44) Sushrut
45) Jaya
46) Vijaya
47) Rit
48) Sunaya
49) Veetahavya
50) Dhriti
51) Bahulaashwa
52) Kriti