Saturday, September 27, 2008

Big Mistake

King Pandu was the king of Hastinapur. He was known to be the father of five Pandavas. Biologically he was not their father. It was due to involvement of curse of Sage Kindam. Once he was roaming in forest for hunting. He was the greatest archer of all time. He had a skill of using “Shabda vedhi” arrow,with the help of which he could hit any remote unseen target just on the basis of sound . The same skill proved deadly for him.He mistook Sage Kindam and his wife as deer and fired an arrow. As a result the couple died instantly. But before dying, Sage kindam cursed King Pandava that whenever he attempt to achieve fatherhood he will die instantly. This was a great shock for him. He spent fifteen years of life in celibacy. But one day he could not control his desires. He forgot the curse of Sage Kindam. When he touched his wife he died instantly.

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Jai Shri Ram

Lord Rama belonged to Surya vansh. It is also known as “Raghu vansh” At first Lord Brahma created Sage Marichi from his mind. Sage Kashyap was the son sage Marichi. Later Surya become the son of Sage Kashyap. After that the lineage continues as follows-
9) Adri
10) Bhadraashwa
11) Yuvanaashwa
12) Shraavast
13) Brihdashwa
14) Kuvalayaashwa
15) Dridhaashwa
16) Nikumbhak
17) Sankataashwa
18) Prasenjit
19) Ravanaashwa
20) Maandhaataa
21) Purukuts
22) Trinshdashrav
23) Anranya
24) Prishdashwa
25) Haryashrawa
26) Vasumaan
27) Tridhanvaa
28) Trayyaaruni
29) Trishanku
30) Harishchandra
31) Rohit
32) Haareet
33) Chanchubhoop
34) Vijaya
35) Ruk
36) Sagar
37) Asmanjas.
39) Dileep
40) Bhageerath
41) Shrutsen
42) Naabhaag
43) Ambareesh
44) Sindhudweep
45) Ayutaashwa
46) Rituparn
47) Sarvkaam
48) Kalmaashpaad
49) Sudaas
50) Ashmak
51) Harivarma
52) Dasharath I
53) Dileep I
54) Vishwasaha
55) Khatwaang,
56) Deerghbaahu
57) Sudarshan
58) Dileep II
59) Raghu
60) Aja
61) Dasharath II
62) Lord Rama
63) Kush
64) Atithi
65) Nishadh
66) Nal
67) Nabh
68) Pundareek
69) Kshemdhanvaa
70) Devaaneek
71) Aheenag
72) Kuru
73) Paariyaatra
74) Balasthal
75) Ukth
76) Vajranaabhi
77) Shankhnaabhi
78) Vyuthnaabhi
79) Vishwapaal
80) Swarn-naabhi
81) Pushpsen
82) Dhruvsandhi
83) Apvarmaa
84) Sheeghragantaa
85) Marupaal
86) Prasushrut
87) Susandhi
88) Amarshan
89) Mahaashwa
90) Brihadwal
91) Brihadaishaan
92) Murukshep
93) Vatspaal
94) Vatsvyooh
95) Prativyom
96) Devakar
98) Brihadashwa
99) Bhaanuratn
100) Suprateek
101) Marudev
102) Sunakshatra
103) Kesheenar
104) Antaliksh
105) Suvarnaang
107) Brihad-raaj
108) Dharm-raaj
109) Kritanjaya
110) Rananjaya
111) Sanjaya
112) Shaakyavardhan
113) Krodhdaan
114) Atulvikram
115) Prasenjit
116) Shoodrak
117) Surath.

Saturday, September 20, 2008


Bhishma was step brother of King Vichitravira of the kingdom Hastinapur. He was assigned the duty of selecting bride for his brother. At the same time there was “Swayamvar” ceremony was going on at the Kaashi. The king of Kaashi had 3 daughters-Amba,Ambica and Ambalika. Bhishma went to Kaashi. He abducted the 3 sisters to Hastinapur to marry his brother.But amongst the three sisters, Amba already liked the king Salva. So she refused to marry King Vichitravira.As a result Bhishma send her back to King Salva. But King Salva refused at once to marry Amba. This was a highly embarrassing moment for her. She returned back to Bhishma for justice and demanded to accept her as his wife. But Bheeshma had already taken the oath for remaining bachelor for the whole life. Amba could not bear this insult. She cursed him that in the next birth she would be the cause of his death.She was re-born as Shikhandi the son of Drupada. In the battle of Kurukshetra, Shikhandi was mode of Bhishma's death otherwise Bhishma was invincible. So, insult of a woman proved costly to Bhishma.

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Curse to Lord Krishna

After the end of Mahabharata war Lord Krishna visited Mother Gandhari to offer his condolence. On seeing him she burst into anger and cursed lord Krishna that just as the Kaurava dynasty had ended fighting with each other, similarly the Yaduvansh would end fighting and killing each other. Lord Krishna happily accepted the curse. The time progresses. Once upon a time sons of lord Krishna were playing around and they dressed Samba as a pregnant woman, and brought him before Sage Durvasa. In joke they asked the sage to predict what kind of child Samba would give birth to. Sage Durvasa was famous for his short temperament. It was like an insult for him as the children of lord Krishna were making fun of him. The sage cursed them that he would give birth to an iron rod that would become the device to end the yadu-vansh. As per curse, the next day Samba delivered an iron rod . All the boys were terrified. They went to Lord Krishna for the help. As per his advise they crush the iron rod into powder and threw it into the water.
Still one small piece of iron left. They also threw it into the water. But the destiny was powerful. The powdered form of the iron disappeared from the shore but it grew into arrow like grass called “Naagar Motha”(a kind of pointed grass grows in water). The last part of iron was eaten by the fish. One fisherman caught the fish and removed that iron part from its stomach. A hunter found that iron piece and used it on top of the arrow. Once all yadavas went near the shore. During the playtime all of a sudden debate broke amongst them. They started fighting with each other. It was so intensified that they uprooted the “Naagar Motha” grass from the shore and started firing upon each other. In this way all the yadus were killed. Lord Krishna was in a shocked state. He sat under a tree. At that moment a hunter came. He misunderstood Lord Krishna for a deer and shot an arrow into His foot. Lord Krishna died at once . The death of lord Krishna marked the beginning of Kali-yuga. In this way the curse of Sage Durvasa proved correct. The hunter which killed Lord Krishna was Bali in previous birth who was killed by lord Rama in the same fashion.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Pride Shattered

The Vindhya mountain was so arrogant that he kept growing his size to such a huge extent that he blocked the path of sun too. All gods approached sage Agastya for the help. He agreed to help gods. Sage Agastya began his journey from north towards south to met mount Vindhya. Sage Agastya requested mount Vindhya to bend a little bit to provide passage for him to cross. He also requested not to regain its size unless returned. Mount Vindhya accepted the request of the sage. He reduces his height to minimal. Sage Agastya crossed the passage with ease but he never returned back. Still Vindhya is lying like that even today. In this way the pride of mount Vindhya was shattered by sage Agastya.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Defeat of love

Shukracharya was preceptor to the demons. He had a secret knowledge of “Mrit-sanjivni” which had a power to bring life to dead. Sage Brihaspati who was dev-guru had a son whose name was Kach. Once he send his son to Shukrachrya to learn this secret knowledge. Shukracharya accepted Kach as his student. But other demon didn’t liked it. As the time progresses once Kach fell in love with the daughter of Shukracharya, Devyani. This irritates the demos. In the absence of Shukracharya, demons killed Kach.This news upset Devyani a lot. On the request of his daughter, Sage Shukracharya brought back life to Kach with the help of “mrit-sanjivni” knowledge. From there the love between Kach and Devyani grew day by day. One day while Kach was alone in forest, the demons killed him for the second time. He burnt his body and mixed his ashes in the drinks of Shukracharya. When Devyaani came to knew about this she was shocked. She requested her father for the second time. The agony of his daughter was unbearable for Shukracharya. Again he used his powers to bring life back to Kach.As a result Kacha came back to life and came out from inside the stomach of shukracharya. From this day wine is forbidden for those engaged in the pursuit of wisdom. Now this was Kach’s turn to bring life back to his Guru. He did the same. Devyani was happy to found both of them alive. But a new problem erupts. Kacha disagreed to marry Devyani on the grounds that since he was reborn from the stomach of Shukrachraya so he could not marry his daughter Devyani. This was a bitter shock for her. She cursed Kach that from now he would never be able to use this knowledge. Even Kach counter curse Devyani that no Brahmin will going to marry her.