Sunday, August 31, 2008


Jayadrath was king of Sindh . He was married to Dushaala, the sister of Duryodhan. In the battle of Mahabharata he killed Abhimanyu,the son of Arjun. After this Arjun promised to took revenge from Jayadrath before the sunset otherwise decided to immolate himself. In the battle field Kauravas prepared special arrangements to kept Jayadrath out of reach of Arjun. It was race against time for Arjun. On the other hand it was a win-win situation for Kauravas because Jayadrath had a boon that a person who would cut his head and let it fall on the ground, his own head would be crushed into thousands pieces. So the death of Arjuna was inevitable at that moment. Despite the best effort Arjun could not able to locate the Jayadrath. Evening was approaching fast. Kauravas were waiting for this moment anxiously. The sky became dark. Now Arjun had to die as per his vow. Now Jayadrath came out from the hidden place. Arjun was about to kill himself. Immediately, Lord Krishna shouted and said to Arjuna to look at the sky as the sun reappears. Previously it was illusion created by lord Krishna himself by providing cloud cover to the sun. Now with his divine power the cloud cover was removed. Immediately Arjun  fire an arrow to Jayadrath in such a unique manner that his chopped head fell in the lap of his father who was meditating at that time. He opened his eyes and stood in a moment. As a result the head of Jayadrath fell on the ground and the head of his father smashed into thousands pieces. In this was Arjuna able to came out of catch-22 situation

Friday, August 29, 2008

Descent of Gangaji

In Solar dynasty there was a powerful king whose name was Sagar. He had 2 wives Sumati and Keshini. From Sumati he had 60,000 sons and from Keshini he had a son Asamanjas.Once he had performed Ashwamegha yagya to prove his power. This was a major threat to Indra. He decided to play a trick. He stole the horse of Sagar and tied it in the ashram of sage Kapil who was in meditation at that time. When the sons of Sagar came to knew about the horse they attacked the ashram of sage Kapil. But Sage burnt them into ashes from his divine power. This was a setback for the king Sagar. His grandson Anshuman visited Sage Kapil. The sage returned back the horse and said to Anshuman that for the salvation of the lives of his ancestors it is necessary to bring the Ganga river to the earth from the heaven. Despite all his tapasya Anshuman could not able to please lord. Even his son, king Dilip failed. Now, the son of kind Dilip, Bhagirath was determined to bring Ganga to earth. With his determination Lord Brahma pleased and agreed to send river of devlok, Ganga, to earth. But there was a catch because the flow of Gang was so intense that it was not possible for the earth to bear the pressure of the current of Ganga. Finally Bhagirath requested lord Shiva for the help. He agreed to accept the descending Ganga on his head. Bhagirath led Ganga to the ashram of sage Kapil. On reaching there all the souls of the forefathers of Bhagirath got salvation. From that day the river got it’s name “Bhagirathi”.Ganga ji descend on earth on Jyestha month,Shukla Paksha,dashmi tithi,wednesday,hasta nakshatra,Vyatipaat Yoga,Moon in virgo,sun in taurus. This day is celebrated as Ganga Dusheraa

Monday, August 25, 2008

Dangerous Food

There were two demons whose names were Vatapi and Ilwal. They had spiritual powers. They had a strange modus oprendi to kill Brahmins. They used to invite one brahmin every day and Vatapi used to convert himself into ram. Ilval performs the duty to serve the flesh of ram to invitee. On entering the stomach Vatapi changed it’s form and came out of the stomach of invitee. This was their usual practice to kill Brahmins everyday. One day the demon brothers decided to target sage Agastya. They invited him. But sage knew all the tricks of demons. So while eating, when Vatapi enters the stomach of sage, the sage used all his yogic powers to kill the Vatapi in his stomach. On knowing the death of Vatapi, the other demon Ilwal tried to escape but Sage Agastya killed him too with his divine powers. From that day onwards it is prohibited for Brahmins to eat meat.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Akshya Paatra

When the Pandavas were spending the troublesome years in exile then they had face scarcity of food. At that time the sun god bless them a divine vessel “Akshya Paatra”. The akshya means “which never diminishes” and paatra means “vessel”. The feature of that paatra was that as long as Draupadi,the wife of Pandavas does not take food it had capacity to feed infinite number of guests. After getting that paatra it was routine for Draupadi to consume food last after giving food to all members. Once Duryodhan who was a bitter enemy of Pandavas send Sage Durvasa to test the Pandavas. Sage was famous for it’s hot temper. Sage along with ten thousands companion visited the place where Pandavas . They asked Pandavas to prepare the food for them. All the sages went to river to took bath before meal. It was the evening time and Draupadi had already consumed the food. So situation of dilemma for Pandavas emerge because they had nothing to offer to eat to sage and its companions. Draupadi prayed to Lord Krishna for the help. Lord Krishna appeared there in his divine form. He asked Draupadi to brought the “akshay paatra”. With surprise feeling Draupadi brought that vessel. Lord Krishna pointed one grain of rice that was stuck in the vessel. He picked that grain and ate immediately. Still Draupadi could not understand the theme. At the same moment sage Durvasa came back there after the bath. Shockingly all the sages decline to ate food because their stomach was paining as if they had overeaten. So, eating of grain by Lord Krishna had filled the belly of all the sages. In this way he protected the Pandavas from the possible curse of sage Durvasa

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

New heavan

According to Indian mythology, Trishanku was a powerful king in the Suryavansh. He had a desire to go to heaven with his mortal body. For this Sage Vashishtha was the best choice. But Sage Vashishtha rejected his request. Then he visited the ashram of Sage Vashistha’s sons to request them to perform special yagya for him so that he could fulfill his desire. Vashishth's sons also refused to do such a Yagya because their father had already rejected the offer. In anger, they gave curse to king to become a "Chaandaal"
Consequently the king became “Chaandaal”. In a last attempt he went to Sage Vishwamitra. Sage assured the king that he would help him to fulfill his dream. He started the yagya. As a result King Trishanku stared to rise towards heaven. This was shocking for Gods. When King reaches at the threshold of heaven, Indra interrupted. He kicked Trishanku. Consequently Trishanku began to come down. On seeing this Vishwamitra with his divine power stopped Trishanku in the mid air suspended. He promised to create a new heaven for Trishanku. Sage provided a space above the earth in southern sky. Still it is believe that many star and heavenly body are revolving around Trishanku near south pole.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Namkeen Samundra

In a fierce battle between gods and demon, the demons started loosing strength. Due to fear of death many demons hide themselves in sea. This frustrates gods. For the victory it was necessary to kill them. They went to Sage Agastya for the help They requested him that if he withheld the sea in his stomach with his divine powers, then the defence of demons would be weakend. As per commitment sage Agastya drank the entire sea and withheld it inside his body until all the demons were killed by the gods. But a new problem errupted for the life of water animals. To maintain the balance of nature sage Agastya released the sea that was trapped inside his body. But by that time various body fluids of sage Agastya were mixed in it. From that day the sea becomes salted.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Hisaab Barabar

Once sage Chyavan was meditating in the forest. He spend many years motionless there so that anthills were formed around him covering his whole body except eyes. Once beautiful princess Sukanya visited there. She could not able to realize the eyes of sage. In curiosity she put straw there. The sage in agony was about to curse. In order to save the kingdom from the curse of sage Sukanya decided to marry the sage. It was a mismatch marriage. Once the twin gods Ashwini Kumar was passing by the ashram of sage Chyavan and saw his wife Sukanya. They proposed Sukanya. But she refused . On forcing she put a condition to Ashwini kumars that they should make his husband as beautiful as them. The Ashwini kumars took Sage Chyavan to a divine pond. After the bath sage Chyavan turned into a beautiful young man as Ashwini kumars. So it was time for Sukanya to choose his husband among three. With her divine power she recognize her husband. Ashwini kumars accepted the judgment.. But sage Chyavan promise to repay the debt to Ashwini kumars. The Ashwini kumars returned to heaven. Once at indralok, the divine nectar Som was distributed to Gods. But Indra refuse to Ashwini kumars. At this hour of need the requested Sage Chyavan for the help. Fierce battle broke between Indra and sage Chyavan. Later sage Chyavan created a monster called “Mada” from his divine power. Indra could not able to resist to fury of monster and conceded. After the defeat he permitted Ashwini kumars and Sage Chyavan to drink the nectar. In this way Sage Chyavan repaid the debt own to Ashwini kumars. From here onwards Sage Chyavan possess the great knowledge of healing.Hisaa

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Birth of Coconut

It was the utmost desire of Sage Viswamitra to defeat his rival Sage Vashishtha. But he never succeeded. But he never become dejected. He keep on adding divine powers acquired by him after tapasya. At one time he become so powerful that he started creating many species. This was a threat to Lord Brahma. While Sage Vishwamitra was involved in creation of human species, Lord Brahma rushed towards him to stop. But he already created the head of human. So, the question arises what to do with the created portion. Lord Brahma named that head as “Sriphal” or coconut and blessed that without the sriphal no yagya would be complete. Even today when the covering of coconut is peel off then impression of two human eyes are still visible.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Raj Rishi ya Brahma Rishi

Once King Vishwarath visited the ashram of Sage Vashistha along with his army.He was very hungry at that time. Sage Vashistha offered food to king as well as his army. After having delicious food king was surprised. Sage told the secret that he able to fed the mass with the help of Kamdhenu Cow. It was a divine cow which fulfils all the desires. After knowing this king expresses his desires to acquire the cow by any means. But Sage Vashistha with his divine powers manage to defeat the king as well as his army easily. The king was shaken by the defeat. He decided to perform tapasya in the forest to took revenge. Pleased by his penance, God blessed him with a divine weapon. But Vashishta even overcome that divine weapon So Vishwarath anger act as a barrier to get maximum benefit from the penance. King realize his mistake. He went for tapasya again to please lord Brahma. Lord Brahma pleased with his tapasya and bless him divine powers and said that from today he would be known as Vishwamitra. But king was not satisfied. He asked Lord Brahma to confer a new title to his name so that he could prove his superiority over Sage Vashishtha. Surprisingly he blessed with the title of “Raj Rishi”instead of “Brahma Rishi(the highest title)”. In this way the human weakness of Sage Vishwamitra broke his dream of becoming “Brahma Rishi”. From that day rivalry between two Sages began.

Saturday, August 2, 2008


He was a demon king, son of Virochana, the grandson of Hiranyakashyap. He had 6 sons.
They were also known as the shad(six)-garbhas. Surprisingly they didn’t followed the rules of demons rather they were keen follower of lord Vishnu.After performing tapasya for many years, they were granted the boon. They asked for the blessings that they should not be killed by demigod, disease, Yaksa, Gandharvasi. But when Hiranyakshyap came to know about this, he was very angry at his grandsons. He cursed them that their father will take birth as Kansa and he will kill all of you as they will be born as the sons of Devki. Because of this curse, the grandsons of Hiranyakashyap had to take birth from the womb of Devki and be killed by Kansa, although he was previously their father.

Friday, August 1, 2008


Kalanemi was a uncle of king Ravana of Lanka. Ravana did not wanted that Lord Hanuman to bring the divine herb for lakshman. So he ordered Kalanemi to kill lord Hanuman and promised Kalanemi to give him half of his kingdom for his job. Kalanemi was powerful and he had a sidhi to change himself into any form. He visited to Gandhamandata mountain where Lord Hanuman was expected to came for medicinal herbs.Kalanemi change himself in the sage to deceive Lord Hanuman. After few time Lord Hanuman visited there and met him. Kalanemi offered him to visit his ashram. But Hanuman refused and went to a nearby pond to bath. The moment he stepped in the pond, a crocodile appears and started to drag the leg of Hanuman in water. But Hanuman was too powerful and he killed that crocodile.From the dead body of crocodile emerges a apsara who was cursed by king Daksha to live as a crocodile till she get liberated from Hanuman.Before disappearing she exposed the ill plans of Kalanemi who was waiting for Hanuman to kill. Hanuman went back to ashram there and hold dragged him with his leg and with utmost force he threw him in the air. The intensity of force was so high that he fell at the feet of Ravana in Lanka. In this was the hope of getting half of Lanka was dashed away