Sunday, September 30, 2007

Age of Lord Brahma

According to Hindu Philosophy the existence of earth is divided into 4 yugas
1.Satya Yuga(1728000 years)
2.Treta Yuga(1296000 years)
3.Dwapar Yuga(864000 years)
4.Kali Yuga (432000 years)
One Mahayuga=Total of( Satya Yuga+treta Yuga+Dwapar Yuga+Kali yuga)=4320000 years
71 Mahayuga=1 Manavantar
14 Manavantar=1 day of Lord Brahama=4320000000 years(or 1000 mahayugas)
It's intresting that after each manvantar there is a period called "Sandhi kaal" of 1728000 years in which the earth is submerged in water.
Similarly 1 Night of Lord Brhama=4320000000 years
Total of Day+Night=8640000000 years
360 such days makes 1 year of Lord Brahma. Therefore Lord Brahma's 1 year=3110400000000 years
The Total Life span of Lord Brahma is 100 years.
Therefore 1 second of Lord Brahma=100000 years.

Mythological facts
The Birth of Lord Rama happen in Treta yuga of 5th maha yuga.
Birth of Lord Krishna happen in current 28th Mahayuga in dwapar yuga.

Current Kaliyuga begins at 3102 BC
Till 2000 AD 6 Brahamas has already passed.
The Current Brahma is 7th who has already passes 50 years of age.
This is 51st year,first day in which 5 hrs 28 minutes and 48 second has already passed
As already stated before that in each day there are 14 manvantar of 71 mahayuga each.
Now 7th Manvantar is running.
In this manvantar of 71 mahyuga 27 mahayuga has already passed.
The current is 28th mahayuga.
In current mahayuga we are in kaliyuga in which 5102 years has already passed.
I we total them we get that age of Lord Brahama as 1,972,949,102 human years .
Wow!!!!!!Is'nt it Amazing !!!!!!
Hope your calculator will support above calculations.